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5 Non-Invasive Procedures that Trim Your Unwanted, Stubborn Fat!

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Unwanted fats in certain areas that are difficult to get rid of through diet and exercise, fear of going under the knife and its repercussions are just two of the many other reasons for many cosmetic-enhancement procedure interested patients. Good thing, there are now various non-invasive procedures patients can opt for to lose weight.

Whether it is fats due to recent pregnancy, or just fats around the thighs which can also be hereditary, or bulges around the waist and back that are caused by unhealthy eating habits, some of these fats are just really tough cookies to crack.

If you are struggling with your confidence because of your unwanted and stubborn fats, or just simply want to tone and trim down your physique without going under surgeries, these 5 non-invasive procedures that we’ve listed down are made to specifically target and eliminate undesirable fats and lose weight faster:

I-Lipo by The Body Firm

I-Lipo is a non-invasive and safe alternative to liposuction. It is a highly effective fat reduction and body shaping system that features the magic of lasers. It targets stubborn fats using low-level lasers that goes skin-deep but does not have any risk of affecting organs. It involves zero-needles, and no downtime unlike liposuction.

Exilis by Mendis Aesthetics

The Exllis is a skin tightening non-invasive procedure that uses radio frequency, thermal energy and ultrasound technology combined altogether. It heats up layers of the skin, deep into the tissues and helps melt away fats. It can be done for the face, neck, arms, tummy, back, abdomen and many more!

Slimming Massage by Skinz Heritage

Slimming massages at Skinz Heritage combines traditional Chinese acupoints massages and an anti-cellulite machine. They work together to achieve optimum results. Their therapist hand in hand use of the anti-cellulite machine while she is providing the massage. It is best found effective for stubborn fats around the waist and the upper body areas. The great thing about this procedure is that it doesn’t only help you melt away unwanted fats, it also is found effective to ease menstrual pains.

Body Wrapping by Skinz Heritage

Skinz Heritage body wrapping treatment provides a cooling effect to the patient’s body. This treatment is very much like a mask for the face. It helps tighten and firm sagging skin, hence, giving the illusion that your body has slimmed down every after session.

Kybella by Clifford Clinic

Kybella is now a rising popular non-invasive procedure that slims down the face and neck- helping the patient achieve a more chiseled or v-line chin. It comes in the form on injectables that are FDA approved. The ingredients found in the injectable absorb fat and destroys fat cells.

Apollo Tripollar by The Body Firm

This non-invasive procedure is a procedure that decreases body fat percentage by heating up the skin up to 42 degrees to increase the fat cell’s metabolic rate. This in turn, will increase the fat cells’ potency. The fat cells will then secrete fatty liquids through the blood stream. It is quick, each session is only 25-30 minutes.