We’ve all seen those beauty hacks that offer strange cures for beauty problems. “Use lemon or toothpaste for acne!” “Make this turmeric facial and lighten your skin tone in just one week!” These home remedies don’t work and may even irritate your skin. Why take that risk?

5 reasons to try Élan skincare

Invest in skincare with tried and tested ingredients and formulas. One of Beauty Insider’s top picks of the month is Élan skincare.

  • Clinically proven. Each formula is based on the latest research.
  • Quality ingredients. Everything is sourced from USA and Europe, and manufactured in Singapore.
  • Developed by an expert. Dr. Stephen Chu has spent most of his career helping women achieve radiant, youthful, blemish-free skin. He has over 8 years of experience in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetics, trained in many countries, and has clients from all over the world.
  • Simple but effective. Too busy for a 10-step regimen? Get results from a simple but effective routine – the Élan website even tells you what products to combine and when to apply them, based on your skin concern and skin type.
  • Convenient. Order online and have products delivered to your doorstep!

Élan for Acne

Start with the Purify Facial Cleanser, which gently removes dirt and oil and leaves the skin feeling fresh and supple.

The star ingredient is coconut extract. Coconut has a complex lipid structure that conditions the skin and protects it from losing moisture. It also contains glycolic acid, which exfoliates the skin and transfers water molecules into the skin.

Your skin is now prepared for the Caliente Anti Acne serum. This contains several ingredients that can prevent or treat breakouts, and help fade the scars.

Retinol and glycolic acid dissolves dead skin cells and increase cell turnover. Since your pores aren’t clogged, you’re less prone to pimples.

Vitamin C helps fade acne spots and blemishes.

Phytoestrogens (also called plant estrogens) balance oil production and help boost collagen production.

Zinc reduces the amount of oil your skin produces, and helps alleviate inflammation. It can also heal damaged skin and is a natural sunblock.

Selenium helps control inflammation and is an antioxidant.

Check the How To page for an effective regimen that uses the cleanser, Caliente Anti Acne serum, stem cells and other Élan anti-aging serums. In three to four weeks you’ll see a visible improvement in the skin appearance and texture!

Élan for Skin Anti-Aging

If you have relatively clear skin, but would like your skin to look more radiant and healthy, use the Vim & Vigor Anti-Aging serum after cleansing. It contains ingredients that peel dead skin cells and stimulate new skin cells.

Retinol is considered one of the best anti-aging and skin rejuvenation ingredients. Forty years of research have proven that it can make skin firmer, improve skin tone, smoothen skin and minimize the appearance of pores.

Vitamin C brightens the skin and evens out the skin tone.

Phytoestrogens boost collagen production and are powerful antioxidants.

Vitamin E helps skin retain its moisture. It can also neutralize free radicals.

Hyaluronic Acid traps moisture, provides new skin growth, and gives a firmer look to your skin.

The serum can be used in conjunction with the Samsara Rice Stem Cell Syringes, which contain rice stem cells (which have anti-inflammation and whitening benefits), co-enzyme Q10 (which boost skin repair and regeneration), and vitamin A (which promotes cell growth).

Samsara Rice Stem Cells are the perfect alternative for people who aren’t ready for aesthetic treatments but want to achieve similar results.

Shop for Élan skincare

For more information on anti-aging, anti-acne and skin rejuvenation products and how to buy them, go to www.elanskincare.com.

Be sure to follow the customized programs in the How To Use page to get the best results!

The Body Shop has teamed up with fashion design company Eley Kishimoto to launch a limited edition Vitamin E Moisture Cream.

Eley Kishimoto is a British fashion and design company that is famous for its print design. It has collaborated with Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs, and has made sustainable living a core philosophy. The Body Shop packaging reflects their bold and playful take. Inspired by the key ingredient — vitamin E — the company turned the letter E into a beautiful geometric mosaic.

Each purchases of The Body Shop x Eley Kishimoto comes with a exclusive clutch bag. And of course, customers can count on The Body’s Shop tried and tested formula. The Vitamin E Moisture Cream gives 48 hour moisture and immediately transforms rough, flaky skin.

The Body Shop Limited Edition Vitamin E Moisture Cream will be available at all The Body Shop stores from 11 May 2017 forSGD49.90

Sunscreens are intended to be used regularly and applied liberally over the body. That’s why the FDA imposes strict guidelines on active ingredients.

The FDA has issued these industry sunscreen guidelines. Companies must provide a
Maximal Usage Trial or MUsT, to see how an ingredient is absorbed into the blood. This is the same approach the FDA uses for approving topically applied drugs.

“We hope the final guidance encourages industry to provide the FDA with the data we need, so that together we can help bring a wider assortment of safe and effective sunscreen products to the public,” says the FDA.

This new document is in line with the FDA’s Sunscreen Innovation Act (SIA) which sets processes for monitoring the safety and effectiveness of nonprescription sunscreen.

Click the link to download the FDA sunscreen guidelines

Beauty and personal skincare giant Unilever has started a battle against sachet waste. The company sells billions of single-use sachets every year, which end up in landfills and the ocean. it is developing a technology that will retrieve and recycle these sachets.

The sachets have made it possible for consumers to buy premium products at a more affordable price. However, the environmental impact is immense. Unilever has been working on a solution for years, as seen by this video from Unilever India from 2012:

The most recent development has shown a promising leap in the commercial and logistical viability of recycling sachets.

A step towards 100% sustainable packaging

Unilever announced plans to open a pilot plant in Indonesia, where it will test the technology and test the long-term commercial viability. It also said that it would open-source the technology so that both partners and competitors could use it.

CreaSolv® Process technology has been adapted from a method used to separate brominated flame retardants from waste electrical and electronic equipment polymers. During the process, the plastic is recovered from the sachet, and the plastic then used to create new sachets for Unilever products – creating a full circular economy approach.

Dr. Andreas Mäurer, Department Head of Plastic Recycling said, “With this innovative pilot plant we can, for the first time ever, recycle high-value polymers from dirty, post-consumer, multi-layer sachets. Our aim is to prove the economic profitability and environmental benefits of the CreaSolv® Process. Our calculations indicate that we are able to recover six kilos of pure polymers with the same energy effort as the production of one kilo of virgin polymer.”

Unilever also plans to set up waste collection schemes to channel the sachets to be recycled. Currently Unilever is testing this by working with local waste banks, governments and retailers and will look to empower waste pickers.

The Pledge to “Go Green”

The latest announcement is part of Unilever’s pledge to ensure all of its plastic packaging is fully reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

“There is a clear economic case for delivering this. We know that globally US$80 to US$120 billion is lost to the economy through failing to properly recycle plastics each year. Finding a solution represents a huge opportunity. We believe that our commitment to making 100 percent of our packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable will support the long-term growth of our business,” said David Blanchard, Unilever Chief R&D Officer.

Ever tried to hide acne scars and it just ended up looking worse? Happens to the best of us! Steal these secrets from makeup artists and watch those spots disappear.

Start with a primer

Primer creates that perfect  smooth surface and helps makeup last longer.  You really need that to make concealer last the whole day, especially if you’re using a very thick formula.

Build up coverage

Too much concealer will just draw attention to your pimple and slide off by the middle of the day.  For more natural and long-lasting makeup, apply thin layers and blend well.

Blend the right way

Unlike other makeup products, you don’t blend concealer by smudging out the center. Instead, blend out the edges so it disappears into the rest of your skin. Pressing on it with your finger just erases or messes up the product!

Let it bake

If you have a very creamy formula, let it “sit” on your skin for a minute before blending out the first time.

 Use the right tools

Good concealer application is all about precision. A small, pointy concealer brush lets you apply product only where you need it. It also makes it a lot easier to blend out the edges, too!  

Set it with powder

 A powder will help concealer (and the rest of your makeup) last the whole day. We like a light translucent powder that still gives you that fresh, radiant finish.

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Long, straight hair is one of the big beauty trends of 2017. Both on the runway and the Hollywood red carpet, every glam girl showed off simple but oh so sophisticated do’s: hair parted in the center, or tucked behind the ear. This proves one thing: when hair is naturally healthy and shiny, it needs very little styling to be pretty.

The secret is in the shampoo

You don’t have to do much — all the work is done by your shampoo! Look for a gentle shampoo that cleans your hair without stripping it of moisture. Dry hair looks dull and is prone to split-ends.

Then, break up with your styling tools. That straightening iron and blowdryer needs to go back into the drawer. You’re stuck in a vicious cycle: you style your hair because it looks limp or unruly, but it’s limp and unruly because it’s damaged from styling.  Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner and nurture your hair back to its healthiest state.

Out with the bad, in with the good

Chorus Supernatural Gentle Shampoo  and Volumize Shampoo are full of natural extracts and 100% free of harmful chemicals like sulfates. In fact, the two are EWG-certified  for low risk of irritation and toxicity. You can trust these award-winning hair care products to be safe for you and amazing for your hair.

You’ll feel the difference. The hops, rosemary, nettle and gotu kola help your hair regain shine and softness. These also nourish the scalp, and strengthen and moisturize each strand.

If this is the first time you’ll use a natural product, you’ll notice that the shampoo may be less foamy than you’re used to. That’s because Chorus does not add harsh foaming agents.  But the cleaning and moisturizing power is in the natural plant extracts, not the bubbles. Once you rinse it off, you will see the difference. Even damaged hair will become stronger and less prone to frizziness and flyaways. Your hair becomes easier to control, because it’s not weighed down with ingredients that make it dry or over-greasy. You’ll also pick up a clean, fresh scent that comes from its extracts and not artificial fragrances.

Tried, tested and loved!

Chorus Supernatural has been tried and tested by beauty bloggers, and even received a Beauty Insider Beauty Award – beating several well-known brands because of the visible results it achieved in just a few days of use. Testers said hair was smoother, shinier, and softer. And the scents were instant moodlifters! You have to love a shampoo and conditioner range that puts the bounce back in your hair and your step.

Read beauty reviews of Chorus Supernatural  right here on Beauty Insider!

For more information about Chorus Supernatural shampoo and other haircare and skincare products, go to www.chorussupernatural.sg.


It’s not enough to buy long-wear foundation. The secret to melt-proof, smudge-proof makeup is really in the application.

1. Exfoliate

Makeup lasts longer on smooth skin. Exfoliation also prevents flaking and caking. Use a gentle face scrub. If you have dry or sensitive skin, use a basic cleanser but buff it in with a soft cleansing sponge.

2. Don’t overmoisturize

Makeup slides off a really greasy face. Use a light day cream or oil, and let it sit on the face for 15 minutes before applying your base. If you’re in a rush, blot off excess moisture with tissue.

3. Apply primer

Primers contain silicone which will smooth over pores and fine lines, and then prevent your skin’s oils from breaking down your makeup.

4. Don’t apply with fingers

We tend to put on too much foundation and concealer when you use our fingers. Use a damp sponge or brush to apply foundation in thin layers. Blend, blend and blend! Very thin layers of foundation will last longer than a thick layer that melts in the heat. For concealer, use a brush or the pointy tip of the sponge.

5. Layer cream and powder products

Blush and eyeshadow will usually fade during the day. To get long lasting color, apply a cream formula and then intensify the color with powder. The same principle applies to eyeliners. Use a liquid liner or cream pencil, then set with an eyeshadow.

6. Set with translucent powder

Translucent powder will set your makeup without changing the color. Apply with a very big fluffy brush. You can concentrate this on the T-zone and under the eyes where makeup tends to fade and smudge the most.

7. Carry blotting tissues

If you get oily in the middle of the day, blot off excess oil instead of reapplying powder. Too much powder will cake, and make your skin look dry and dull. If you need extra powder, apply with a fluffy brush instead of a sponge so you get the sheerest finish.

Everyone wants “young and fresh looking eyes” but the eye cream you use depends entirely on the problem you have. Some women suffer from dark circles, and others have deep lines and dry skin. Look for an eye cream that targets your particular skincare problem.

Dry skin

  • Typical signs: Concealer tends to cake or settle into fine lines
  • Ingredients to look for: Hyaluronic acid, glycerin

Dry skin is not only prone to fine lines, but also makes eye makeup more difficult to apply. Look for a very hydrating serum or eye cream. You may want to invest in two kinds: a heavier cream for night, and a lighter and easily-absorbed formula in the morning. You can mix concealer or color corrector with a light cream so you cover dark circles and moisturize in one step.

If you have really dry skin, your eye area may feel very dehydrated by the middle of the day.  Invest in a facial mist that can “refresh” your eye makeup and give your skin a much needed moisture boost. Since dry skin is more prone to fine lines and early signs of aging, invest in an eye serum that can plump and moisturize, and boost collagen levels.

Dark Under-Eye Circles

  • Typical signs: Dark bluish and purplish circles on the eyelids or under the eyes
  • Ingredients to look for: Illuminating ingredients and cooling applicators

Dark circles aren’t just caused by lack of sleep. Some people are genetically prone to it, and others have facial structures that create shadows below the eyes. Your dark circles can become more prominent as you age, because the skin thins around the eyes. When the light reflects on blood vessels under the eye area, it creates a blue or purple cast.

Illuminating concealers can reflect light, while color correctors can neutralize the purple cast. Look for eye creams that have a cooling tip. This tightens the blood vessels and make them less prominent. Collagen-boosting ingredients can also thicken and strengthen the skin.

Fine lines


  • Typical signs: Your eyelids look wrinkly or “crepey” — like the rough and crumpled texture of crepe paper
  • Ingredients to look for: Retinol and peptides

The skin is very thin around the eyes. Sun damage, excessive muscle movement and stress (from rubbing eyes, or wearing contact lines) or genetics can make your eye area look a lot older than you really are. You need to firm up the eye area. Peptides and retinol will help to smooth out the lines.  Also avoid glitter or shimmer eyeshadow, which iwll draw attention to lines. An eye primer will also help fill in the lines so your eyeshadow looks better and lasts longer.


Under-Eye Bags

  • Typical signs: Very prominent eye bags, puffy eyes
  • Ingredients to look for: Soy, caffeine and aloe vera

Minimize puffiness by drinking plenty of water and cutting back on salt, which can cause water retention. Facial massages help, but if you’re busy just get a roll-on eye cream that can gently massage the area and minimize fluid build up. Caffeine causes blood vessels to contract. You can buy eye creams, or DIY with green tea bags that have been left to cool in the refrigerator. If you’re prone to puffy eyes, apply eye cream in the morning instead of at night.



Looks like 2017 is the year of healthy and radiant skin! Aside from powerful products, we now have dermatologist-grade treatments that we can do at home with smart, handheld devices. Here are some of the top 2017 skincare trends. Ready, get set… GLOW!

Probiotic skincare

We know that probiotics are good for digestion, but it looks it can help your skin too! New research shows bad bacteria in your gut can worsen redness, acne, and rosacea. Dermatologists suggest that you include probiotics in your diet (you can get it from yogurt, miso soup and kambucha) or take a supplement. There will also be a lot of skincare products that will tap into this 2017 skincare trends — toners, cleansers, masks and creams with good “skin boosting” bacteria.

Gentle skincare

Studies have shown that the PH levels of our skin are more delicate than we thought. Harsh cleansers strip away moisture and can worsen acne, wrinkles, irritation and aging. That’s why one of the 2017 skincare trends is to “clean smarter, not harsher.”

Skin experts and dermatologists see a big shift from harsh cleansers and scrubs to lighter and more gentle products that break down dirt and makeup without drying out the skin. Wear a lot of makeup?
The new cleansing balms, oils, and moisturizing toners will gently break down even long-wear foundation. If you just can’t live without your Clarisonic, switch to a softer brush or use every other day.

High-tech skincare gadgets

There’s a growing demand for gadgets that let you access laser and light technology at home. The Tria (which treats acne with ultrasound technology) and handheld laser hair removal devices have already hit the mainstream. Watch for more gadgets as the technology improves and the price becomes more affordable.

Beauty drinks

People are realizing that good skin is a holistic effort. You’ve got to eat right and “feed” your skin with the nutrients it needs to produce cells.  So put down the soda and iced tea — take healthy collagen and antioxidant drinks and supplements instead! Don’t forget to take in fresh fruits and vegetables. If you’re not into salads, then drink your veggies with a delicious green smoothie. Consider this as not just one of the top 2017 skincare trends, but a worthy beauty resolution to make every year!

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Spider facial creams, saliva testing and more were showcased at the region’s leading beauty trade show, BeautyAsia 2017.

BeautyAsia 2017, a three-day beauty trade exhibition, concluded its 21st year of introducing the latest offerings in the industry and gathering beauty professionals to conduct business. More than 180 international exhibiting companies from 20 different countries convened in Singapore to present their beauty and wellness products.


“Innovation and technology is becoming the forefront of the beauty industry. As with every year, BeautyAsia has brought together both local and foreign exhibitors to introduce the latest advancements in beauty and wellness,” said Gillian Loh, Project Manager of Lines Exhibition. “We are proud to be the trusted regional platform for new and existing businesses to showcase revolutionary products in Asia, and to provide opportunities for them to gather in one place for face-to-face networking.”

Some never before seen products were unveiled for the first time in Asia at the trade show this year which included Dermanour’s Spider Lifting Cream by Beauty Absolute Co., Ltd and Phil Pharma SRL’s Skin Up, a facial ultrasonic vaporizer.



Mr Fillipo Merchiori, Head of Marketing, Foreign Import and Export at Phil Pharma SRL, said: “We felt that there was no better place than a regional trade show like BeautyAsia to showcase our product to our potential business partners in Asia. We are pleased to say that the overwhelming response we’ve received is an affirmation to our belief that BeautyAsia is a gateway to the beauty and wellness market in Asia.”

“BeautyAsia is perfectly located in Singapore that enables foreign businesses like ours to convene and network without any language or cultural barriers,” said Chaiyapong Charaswiseopon, Managing Director of Beauty Absolute Co., Ltd.

Driving innovation to the beauty scene is first-time exhibitor, Imagene Labs, a genetics-driven wellness company that formulates personalised solutions based on an individual’s saliva sample.

Mr Roy Chong, Business Development Manager of Imagene Labs, added that: “As we are focused on expanding our footprint in South East Asia, BeautyAsia has been a great avenue for us in establishing meaningful connections with our target partners as well as gaining new contacts in the region.”