The Far East Plaza doesn’t have the glitz and glamour of the other establishments in Orchard Road belt, but this place is a strong magnet for locals and foreigners who want to get their beauty fixed. Can’t blame them—this place has lots of face, hair, nail, brow and lash salons that are open to serve […]

Chic and carefree! These new nail polish colors make us think of weekend road trips, pina coladas by the pool, and Friday night clubbing with our best friends. Yes, you can put happiness in a bottle – and paint it on your toes!

Luscious and perfectly curled eyelashes give you that confidence to look at someone straight into their eyes and make a statement. If you like to have that look but you don’t have thick lashes, you may avail eyelash extension services. Why extend your lashes? A good lash extension job adds life to your eyes, giving […]

Hungry for matte, animated, sparkly, embossed, glittered, or 3D nails?

What would you like to do this weekend: get a much-needed beauty treatment, or escape into a luxe and relaxing spa? Devonshire Somerset branch lets you do both.

The K-wave hits us Singaporeans hard. I’m pretty sure you have imagined yourself as the Goblin’s Bride, waved a few glow sticks at a KPOP concert, or sported that no-makeup makeup look. Well, there’s another Korean fashion that you should try—in your own fingernails! Feel the Korean vibe with the help of the best Korean nail studios located in […]

Our hair makes up 90% of your entire look, don’t you think? Our heads and faces are basically covered up with our hair whether we like it or not. Learning to style your hair is one thing, but having the best hairdressers and a regular salon visit have that magical power to perfect your look! […]

Getting eyelash extensions for the first time? Here’s what you can expect and how to keep your new lashes in the best shape.