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About Christian Breton

A brand with 25 years of experience in advanced scientific studies, Christian BRETON Labs has been about solving specific problems for specific areas of the face, rather than just creating yet another “skin care cream.” Known as the safest, most effective skincare you can buy without a prescription, Christian BRETON’s problem-solving products work to solve whatever concerns your complexion is facing.

Christian BRETON’s biggest hit is the Eye Priority range, a specific line dedicated to eye contour problem. This range is based on Cryotherapy, the use of cold to reduce serious dark undereye circles, wrinkles and fatigue under the eye. Christian BRETON lines includes also a specific, targeted solutions for hyper-pigmentation (age spots) with White Lab, lip problem with Lip Priority, serious anti-ageing solution with Age Priority, and even a formulation for neck problem with Neck Priority. Basically, if you have a skincare problem, Christian BRETON has the answer.