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Dr.Ci:Labo’s philosophy, principle and values are to help people with their skin concerns so they can live their lives with confident and feel and look their youngest everyday.
Dr.Ci:Labo is continually innovating and researching in cutting edge dermatological technology and striving to provide the best doctor’s brand skin care products in the world.

Simple– Because we use only naturally derived ingredients and nothing that the skin doesn’t need .Simplicity of use: we created “All-In-One” products so it can take the least amount of steps to complete your daily skincare regimen.
Results– You’ll see the positive results that our product delivers quickly. You can look 1, 5 or even 10 years younger.
Science– The ingredients in our skincare line are scientifically researched, tested and analyzed extensively. We use the latest “cutting edge” technology skincare ingredients to meet both consumer satisfaction and the demands for today’s professional dermatologist’s clinical needs.

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Aqua-Collagen-Gel-Enrich-Lift-Ex large

Aqua Collagen Gel
Enrich Lift Ex 120G


The newly added [3D Fascia Band] was inspired by Ulthera, a skin-tightening therapy used at the clinic, and is an original Dr. Ci:Labo ingredient developed with a focus on the work of the “fascia”, the foundation of the skin and the source of sagging.

“Sagging” makes a person appear older. Its causes are varied and include the loss of moisture and elasticity due to aging, reduced metabolism, poor circulation, lack of nutrition and oxygen to the skin, and the effects of gravity. Dr. Ci:Labo, which has conducted years of research based on dermatological science, focused on these multiple causes. We have developed and continued our pursuit of a single anti-aging care product that fulfills the desire for skin with “firmness”, “tightening”, and “hydration”.

The newly added [3D Fascia Band] was inspired by Ulthera, a skin-tightening therapy used at the clinic, and is an original Dr. Ci:Labo ingredient developed with a focus on the work of the “fascia”, the foundation of the skin and the source of sagging. The pseudo fascia [3D Fascia Band], which has a three dimensional structure combining “3D collagen”, “3D hyaluronic acid”, “TC triple collagen”, utilized for the first time in Japan, “hydrolyzed elastin”, and “rye seed extract” creates an invisible veil on the surface of the skin, reviving the depleted functions of the fascia, while the use of carefully selected ingredients that firm the skin from the inside leave skin dramatically lifted.

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Ling Fei
26 Reviews

Great effect to start

Loves this cream. The consistency is exactly what I like - not too thin, not too thick, and very easy to blend a small amount. Not scented as far as I can tell, and does not irritate my skin. I have a tiny little sample tube, so I haven\'t used it much, but I\'m loving it so far and will update if anything changes.
Geraldine Tan
52 Reviews

Smooth and clear texture to my skin

I am only 28 so I am not in need of an anti ageing cream but just the smoothness and clarity this cream gives to my skin is brilliant. It provides it with protection and keeps it moisturised without covering it in harsh chemicals. I love this stuff, it sinks in and leaves no shine. I will probably buy more when i run out.
Ho Wan Xing
65 Reviews

Fatanstic Product for mid age woman like me!

I have mature skin but oily. It\'s really difficult at my age to find a face cream that isn\'t really thick and rich. I\'ve tried them all and they just sit on your skin and slide off when you sweat a bit. This cream is fantastic. It\'s absorbed straight away so doesn\'t need much massaging. It leaves my face looking matte and feeling soft. I also suffer from ruddy cheeks and it tones this down dramatically. I can\'t stop touching my face. It feels really soft and smooth.
Zoey Koh
39 Reviews

Better than any anti ageing products I used before !

Loves this product. A moisturiser formulated to help minimise the signs of ageing. It helps reduce wrinkles, keep skin hydrated and improve skin texture and tone. I use it as the day and night moisturiser. Even as a base moisturiser before I apply my primer. Works very well on my face. !
Facebook Profile photoVivien_Lau
1 Review

Easy absorb

1) easy absorb 2) made in Japan 3) moisture my skin 4) collagen 4 keep youth
Facebook Profile photoCarol
1 Review

Overall, a really nice product for dry skin

The moisturiser felt thick and bouncy. As it\'s slightly oily, it\'s more suitable for those with drier skin or as a night moisturizer. Nice mixed herb scent. Since the product is from Japan, it\'s more reliable. Love the gold packaging, looks so chic and cute. Helps with a more even makeup application after usage. Despite the lack of visible changes, I still really liked the product and would definitely be repurchasing this.
Kate H
78 Reviews

Really nourishing

Part of the trial team and received the travel size product. Been a month trying out and what I realised was this product is really moisturizing and nourishing which it eventually make your fine line disappearing. I can really feel the softness of my skin after using this.
104 Reviews

I can honestly say that after using this continuously for a few weeks I have seen improvement in the skin on my neck. It has firmed everything up and those little signs of slackness that had begun to appear have been ironed out. :).
Ellie Soh
26 Reviews

Not for me but works for my sis

Good product, but this product is not suitable for me. My skin get very oily in the afternoon after using it. However it works for my sister. Her wrinkle diasappear and it does mousturise her skin through the day.
Ellen Chan
78 Reviews

Very effective anti aging cream

I wouldn\'t recommend it for very oily skin types - much better for normal, dry-combination, and dry skins. However one thing for sure It is very hydrating and decrease my fine line around my cheek just after 2 week. 🙂
78 Reviews

Great hydrating product

This product smells great and is very hydrating, .it sinks in well, and it does not leave an oil residue. Add the anti-aging factors and I would greatly feel it to be one of my favorite anti aging products so far... Would buy again.
Nicole Chua
26 Reviews

Best gift for mum

Got this product for my mum. Would love to share my mum feedback after 3 week she used it. Her face looks really radiant now, and she begin to see a reduction in fine lines around her eyes and mouth. My mum felt her skin is getting firmer. Will get her a bigger tube for a more value price.
Molly Chua
26 Reviews

A cream.which suited for all ages

Used it for the past one month. Yet to remove or decrease my fine line. However i can see obviously this cream lifted my saggy cheeks, puffed eyes, andevened out skin tones and textures. Reasonable price for a luxury Japanese brand product
Monica W
26 Reviews

It does what it claimed: Anti Aging

It does what it claimed. i was amazed with the wonderful results of this anti-aging cream, My fine line along my cherk reduced considerably in less than 2 week. A best gift for a mum especially
Naomi Tan
52 Reviews

Great for skin firming but slightly expensive

\"I noticed that my skin felt plumper and firmer after continued use It also looked more even and brighter in the morning when I woke up after applying this at night.The only feedback is it is a bit expensive to purchase if you apply it daily consistently. Overall it is definitely a n awesome anti aging product
1 Review

Best anti aging products

My fine line along my eye obviously reducing only after 2 weeks. I applied this every night without fail and it really works! Other than it mousturise my skin as I used to have peeling skin especially on my eyelid. Great products and definitely worth to invest on beauty
Grace Yeo
130 Reviews

Easy apply and non sticky whether to go out or at home

This is one of my favorite anti-aging moisturizer. It feels light and absorbs/dries quickly, so it\'s great for just running out the door without spending too much time for applying. Its easier to apply, but also easier to not use enough as I use more than I \'feel\' like I need to put on especially before I sleep. I haven\'t tried applying over makeup yet, but I feel like it wouldn\'t be an issue.
39 Reviews

Cooling and moisturising

My daughter bought this from me at watsons the other day and I love it!! It gives a cooling sensation to the skin and when I use it at night, I wake up with smoother, more supple skin! Must have for mature skin ladies out there.
Zoe Chua
117 Reviews

It feels so rich and good.

I love this moisturizer. Although the main function is anti-aging ( I am 29 ) but i decided to try this after recommendation from my friend. Since I have dry skin, I prefer more cream based moisturizers instead of gel based. This moisturizer feels so good on my skin. When I put it before I go to sleep, I can feel my skin getting all nourished and makes my face feel amazing. It makes my skin so smooth and I can see it helps with my minor mark. I tried this product from a lot of samples I got and when I finished all my samples, I had to go buy it because it\'s really good. I also use it as my day cream, I use a very small amount, but at night I use a lot on my face.
Yuyu P
52 Reviews

Best Gifts for mum and aunty !! 🙂

Got this as a gift for my sister. Beauty product were never be part of her regular routine life but after using this product, it become her first permanent and regular skin care regime every night . A very moisturising., creamy yet not sticky type of moisturiser. Will get another bigger content for my mum\'s birthday in Nov.
Yvonne Ong
26 Reviews

Only 1 Word - WAO !!

Introduced by my friend to this product. Used it only for a week and the result is amazing. My fine like around my eye is still there, but it has been less obvious and look more nourishing ! Been looking at the mirror everyday at myself, and when i do feel that it\'s less obvious, and I really mean it ! Definitely a good product ! would recommend to the going \" aging woman \" out there like me.
Margaux Lim
104 Reviews

Love this brand!

Ever since I went to japan and tried Dr. Ci: labo, they have never failed to disappoint me! Have been using this for past year and it works great, especially the plumping effect it gives from the collagen ingredient. I saw it at watsons recently, will definitely pick it up when I run out!
1 Review

Thumbs Up for this product !

I love everything about this product. I have an extremely oily face. This products is very refreshing, non oily after applying! I hope they never stop making it. I won\'t say this product is cheap but it definitely worth to buy.
182 Reviews

Good for all day Moisturiser

Great products to try out especially for the one who doesn\'t like the heavy creamy texture to be put on you face, either during day time or before sleep. Absorb easily and you don\'t overwhelmed by the smell like some other moisturiser which having a strong fragrance upon applying to the face. Worth to buy !
1 Review

Nourishing and not sticky. Go completely well with my makeup !

First time using this brand. Read from online about it and it sounds good. Not all the moisturizer you can feel comfortable to put on your face but this product doesn\'t make my face feel sticky. In fact I used it as a base before I apply BB cream and powder and it blend along really well with my cosmetic !!!! Looking forward to see the effect soon 🙂