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About Olive Oil Skin Care Company

In 2000, our family imported a variety of olive trees from Umbria. We propagated and planted the ‘Mother Trees’  in the rich soil of the Australian Riverina and today have five different species of olives, with 110,000 trees at our farm in Hillston, Central New South Wales.

Our farm is still family owned and operated and we  produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil of such exceptional quality, we even export back to Italy.

In 2011,we established links with a local soap manufacturer to produce hard bar olive oil soap using our  oil.  From this beginning we formed the Olive Oil Skin Care Company in 2012.

We are passionate about the health benefits of Extra Virgin Oil for the body – both inside and out –  and now produce a full range of skin care, hair care and beauty products, all using our 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a base.


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