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Iconic Beauty from Rose & Co. Since our beginnings back in 1987 we at Rose & Co have had a love affair with everything beautiful, romantic and vintage. There is something so wonderful about taking traditional designs, rediscovering old apothecary formulas and putting a touch of our Rose & Co personality to each beauty, bath and body care product we create. We have come a long way since our first days in the famous Rose & Co Apothecary, where Victorian splendor and a whole host of curiosities come together into something quite enchanting. Now, we try to bottle up that magic into every bath and body care product that we produce, staying true to our heritage with iconic products such as our little hero lip salve, Rose Petal Salve or the famed, traditional antiseptic ointment ZamBuk. Take a wander down the cobbled streets in our imagination and explore the world of Rose & Co where a bygone era meets fabulous beauty, bath and body care products for the modern romantic.

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Phone: 6594237380

Site: www.alluring-sense.com

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