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About Royalcos

Royal Cosmetics has been pursuing “the ultimate beauty” since the establishment. This pursuit led us to wish to create the effective skincare products contained no harmful ingredients. That resulted in the creation of Royal Gold Skincare products consisting on mainly yeast extracts with many valuable substances, herbal ingredients with full of blessing of nature, plenty of fine gold flakes.

We keep providing all the customers with the wonderful gold skincare products, which also give them a “joy of beauty.” As a pioneer of gold skincare manufacturer in Japan, we would like all the women in the world to experience the revitalization of the beautiful bare skin through our top quality products.

Contact Information

Phone:  62935530

Email : priscillagoh@beautyresources.com.sg

Site: www.royalgoldcream.jp/en
Facebook : www.facebook.com/royalcossg

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