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7 Habits That Make Colored Hair Fade Faster

We were shocked at how so many of our daily habits are stripping off that gorgeous hair color that cost us so many dollars and hours at your favorite Singapore hair salon. We promise to stop doing this – cross our hearts and hope to dye.

5 Tips to Getting (and maintaining!) the Perfect Hair Colour

The right hair colour can bring out the warmth in your cheeks, make your hair look thicker and trendier, and make you feel like a whole new person! But there’s more to getting a great dye than walking into a Singapore hair salon and saying, “I want it red.” Here’s how to get a great hair colour, every time.

Explain What You Want Hair Colouring Terms You Can Use With Your Hair Stylist

Have you ever struggled to explain the hair colour you wanted to a hair stylist – not knowing what to use, or sure if the procedure he’s just explained to you is something you really want?

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