Makeup Tips

Tips on Eye Makeup

Do you ever feel frustrated about your eyes despite your relentless efforts with eye makeup? You put a little bit of eye shadow and you  feel like your eyes look too small or too dull? You add some more and you feel like you look too made up? Don’t get us wrong, every eye is […]

The proof of any foundation is how it looks on your face. Not the magazine cover, or the big billboard, or the celebrity commercial. You know a foundation works because of what you see in the mirror. Beauty Insider took Covermark foundation to the test. We asked two of the Beauty Insider Trial Team to […]

Kim Kardashian releases her KKW contour Kit

The world didn’t expect Kim Kardashian-West to release her own line of makeup, but here it is: In this video, Kimmy demonstrates her quick and easy makeup routine, using only her KKW Beauty Contour Stick. “I always had so many products and I just wanted a little defined kit of all my favourite products,” she […]

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