How to Clean Makeup Stains on Your Clothes

Makeup stains on your clothes are annoying. Good thing there are a number of ways to remove it and save your favourite fashion pieces. Here are some of the simple ways to clean makeup stains. Hope these make your laundry day a lot easier!   Removing Foundation Foundation is the base of your makeup which […]

MAC holiday collection Snow Ball 2017

Calling all makeup junkies out there! The awesome MAC Holiday Collection officially arrived and it is sparkly. 💖   On closer inspection, you see the MAC Snowball holiday collection includes pigment and glitter kits, mini lipstick kits, eye compacts—in a seasonal rose gold—brushes, bags and so much more.   There’s a whole lot of shimmer and […]

10 Habits of Women With Pretty and Strong Nails

Be a career woman with the hands of a princess!