Skincare Tips

secrets to look young lure hsu

With her flawless, wrinkle-free complexion, and super-slim body, it’s hard to believe that Hong Kong Model Candy Lo is 50 years old. She looks stunning in every photo. But Cindy is not the only lady in Asia who surprisingly look young and half of her age. This is Lure Hsu, a Taiwanese designer. She’s 42 years […]

Forlle’d AC Clear

THIS NOBEL-PRIZE WINNING TECHNOLOGY IS CURING ACNE – FOR GOOD! For many people, acne isn’t just a skin concern: it’s a curse.  The breakouts and scars plague them for their whole lives. They try everything – creams, masks, DIY treatments – but the pimples keep coming back. But we’ve discovered a Holy Grail of acne […]

Frequent Traveller

Summer’s here and it’s finally the season for travelling. Check out some of the best tips to pamper yourself during a long haul flight for amazing, glowy skin!   Tip no. 1: Remove your makeup before you sleep Nothing spells ACNE faster than sleeping on a plane with a face full of makeup. No matter […]