Want Elvin Ng’s Stunning Smile? Whiten Your Teeth Like This!

We all love Elvin Ng’s fun-loving personality and charismatic smile. But is it possible to get a *ting ting* smile like Elvin Ng’s pearly whites without breaking the bank? Continue reading to learn how to whiten your teeth effectively without the use of an expensive toothpaste or gel.   Culprits of Yellow Teeth   Heard of the […]

sun care tips - sunscreen

You wear sunscreen every day and walk freely under the sun. You think it’s okay because almost all the sun care tips online tell you that the sunscreen protects your skin. Well, think again! You don’t really harness the power of your sunscreen if you’re not applying it correctly. One can still suffer from sunburn, damaged skin, or even […]

Wellness Tips

If there’s one thing that makes Eastern makeup stand out from the Western makeup trends, it’s the naturalness. We put on our makeup in a way that we look like we don’t have makeup. Embracing our natural look is our thing—we don’t just conceal imperfections with makeup, we fix them with our skin care routines […]