How to Claim your Rewards

How to Claim Rewards

Step 1

Click on the Widget on the bottom right OR Beauty Insider Singapore Perks Images on the lower left

Step 2

Once click, you will see the main page of the widget as below.

Step 3

Go to “ My Rewards”, Click “Discover” tab to see the current monthly rewards / products for redemption

Step 4

Choose the product you wish to get and click “ claim”

Step 5

Ta- Dah !! You have successfully claim the product. Go to “ My Rewards” tab to view all the products you have claim.

Step 6

After claiming, email / sms / whatsapp –

” Redemption for (product name) on (collection date)” from ( account username) to [email protected] / +65-93697587. A confirmation will be sending to you within 3 working day.

Remarks :
A minimum of 3 day in advance is require in order to redeem. An email / sms / whatsapp will be respond to you to confirm your collection timing.

Other guidelines about the widget

1. Go to “ My Card” to see your current status and points balance

2. Go to “ My Rewards” under “ History” tab to see all your previous products that have been redeem.

3. Other Functions: