Secrets to Flawless Makeup: 5 Best Foundation Brushes & Sponges

Secrets to Flawless Makeup: 5 Best Foundation Brushes & Sponges

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Whether it’s cream, liquid, or powder, there’s always a need to blend your foundation properly. It’s a no-no to use your fingers when applying foundation to your face even if it’s the easiest way to go. What you can do is find the best foundation brushes and sponges which help you achieve that polished, all-natural finish. More importantly, you must master the use of your tools to go on a full face makeup without the cakey-ness.


To help you out, we rounded up the best foundation brushes and applicators. These are all the hardworking beauty tools you’ll need:



This is almost everyone’s go-to foundation brush. It never goes out of style and is always your best friend whenever you want an even foundation built. A classic paddle works well for liquid and cream foundations. Blend the foundation in your face in broad downward strokes. The only challenge with the paddle brush is that you need to control the amount of product you’ll use. You don’t want to waste any foundation on the brush or look like a clown. 

Try: IT Cosmetics’ Heavenly Luxe™ Plush Paddle Foundation Brush. This is flat paddle brush with a rounded top. It’s thicker and denser than most paddle brushes in the market. The brush’s soft bristles enable you to blend cream or liquid foundation onto your skin.

Best foundation Brushes - Heavenly Luxe™ Plush Paddle Foundation Brush
Heavenly Luxe™ Plush Paddle Foundation Brush ($48.00) at Sephora and Ulta




The stippling brush is versatile—use it for any makeup product that has a cream texture. Start by putting foundation at the back of your hand.  Carefully dab the brush on your foundation and makes sure that the product sits on the tip of the brush. Then, stipple or tap the brush lightly on your face. For best results, gently swirl the brush in small, circular motions. The stippling brush’s fine fibres give you light and airbrushed coverage.

Try: Real Techniques Stippling Brush. This brush can hold cream or liquid foundation and apply it evenly on your face. Use it for your blush and bronzer as well. It’s handy and one of the best foundation brushes out there.


Real Techniques stippling brush
Real Techniques Stippling Brush ($18) at Sephora




The Kabuki brushes are dense and well-rounded. You see it in every makeup tutorial on Youtube. Makeup junkies love it for its fluffy texture that gives you an even, natural looking finish. Not to mention, kabuki brushes are multi-purpose. You can use it for powder, liquid and cream foundations. Don’t forget to blend it well so it doesn’t leave a streak of foundation on your face.

Try: Sigma Beauty F82 Round Kabuki brush. This product is most recommended for mineral powder application. 



Best foundation Brushes - SIGMA BEAUTY F82 Kabuki Brush
SIGMA BEAUTY F82 Kabuki™ Brush ($35) at Sephora



Take your application expertise to the next level with a beauty blender. It’s a one-stop makeup sponge! Use the base to dab foundation on your cheeks, chin, and forehead. Then, use the pointed tip to apply makeup on the angled areas of your face such as under the eyes and the bridge of the nose. For best results, wet the sponge before putting foundation and dabbing it into your face. This method gives you a smoother finish, which you don’t always achieve with a brush.

Beauty Blender - Featured
The Iconic Egg-shaped Beauty Blenders 

Try: Beauty Blender’s signature pink sponge is a hit, for being spotted across Youtube vlogger tutorials and is commonly used by makeup artists on Hollywood. The authentic beauty blenders are fluffy,  bouncy, and durable. You can find more Beauty Blender products here.




Finally, SiliSponges or silicone sponges came into the limelight after breaking the internet in 2016. Netizens called it a substitute to beauty blenders. Yes, it’s easier to clean and you waste fewer makeup products using it but the finish isn’t the same compared to the Beauty Blender and brush.

Try: The Makeup Drop brand created a teardrop-shaped silisponge. It’s so squishy, tactile, and bouncy. You can use it to apply foundation but you’re gonna need a lot of patience to even out the coverage. The pointed tip never failed to put foundation in the areas around the nose. We found a cute version of it on Shoppee. It’s called Heme Baby Q Transparent Puff and it has a smiley face on it.


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