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  • Drying Cream is made with potent antibacterial agents which prevent acne from spreading. It targets the root cause of acne formation by drying out pores and minimising pimple marks.

  • Formula 200 Body Lotion contains a lightweight, non-greasy formula to hydrate and soothe skin. It creates a thin coat of moisture on the skin and leaves behind a velvety smooth finish upon application.

  • Hair Rinsing Conditioner contains a ¬†super lightweight formula which refreshes and moisturises your locks. It softens hair and improves volume for a more bouncy and vibrant appearance.

  • Made with real kiwi seeds and soft bits of Seaweed to naturally slough away surface dullness to uncover softer, smoother skin.

  • Lecithin Nourishing Shampoo repairs and soothes damaged hair with its nutritive and healing formula. It contains Jojoba Oil which retains moisture into the hair follicles to alleviate dryness in the scalp.

  • This cleansing lotion contains a strong antiseptic formula to cure acne on your chest and back area. Created with cucumber extracts, it provides a refreshing effect upon application.

  • Summer Shine Body Lotion contains Vitamin A which boosts the natural radiance of the skin. It reduces the appearance of dull, dry skin with natural moisture-retaining ingredients like Beeswax and Peanut Oil.