Bellabaci Facial Cups

Bellabaci Facial Cups

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Are you ready for the best facial tool you’ve ever come across? Using the wisdom of ancient treatments, combined with a modern twist, you can now be your own therapist, achieving professional results where it matters.

Bellabaci Facial Cups Set consists of two (2) long lasting superior grade medical silicone cups of different material to allow for adjusted suction.
The easy to use Bellabaci cups will result in an increase in blood circulation, providing the skin with the active nourishment needed as well as preventing premature ageing.

Bellabaci does this by stimulating the skin and underlying tissues (dermis and subcutaneous tissue) which awaken the nerve endings, increasing circulation and gently exfoliating the skin. In fact, this facial massage is a great way to remove the day’s stress from your face, giving you a relaxing, deep and comfortable massage while aiding in restoring a healthy youthful glow.




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