Biconi Hair Revitalising Shampoo Bar

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Biconi Hair Revitalising Shampoo Bar is ideal for women suffering from hair loss after having a baby or upon reaching their menopausal years. The intense fluctuation of hormones can lead to massive hair shedding. Our revolutionary shampoo bar works at the cellular level to restore and revitalise scalp from deep within. This creates a healthy inner balance conducive for hair regrowth, all without the use of harsh chemicals.
Made from natural ingredients, including a distinctive blend of noni enzyme and virgin coconut oil, our Biconi Hair Revitalising Shampoo bar encourages a healthy scalp environment, reviving hair follicles to help reverse post natal (post partum) and menopausal hair loss.
Our shampoo bar is rich in antioxidants that help invigorate and nourish scalp, to stimulate growth of new hair. The combination of natural ingredients help to detox the hair and scalp of harmful chemicals and reinvigorates the cells from within. This also activates cellular repair and helps reverse hair loss, leading to healthy scalp and hair.




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