Curél Sebum Care Foaming Wash

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I\'ve received loads of samples from camps for this product and it\'s pretty fab! My face is pretty oily but this helps to tone down my oily skin!

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Part of Curél Sebum Care Range, for sensitive, oily or combination skin types – it protects the skin’s natural ceramide while effectively cleansing and retaining moisture. It is also armed with its unique sebum zero-in control technology that inhibits excessive sebum secretion. This also helps to regulate sebum secretion from within the skin, thus preventing the occurrence of acne. Goodbye oily skin!
Gentle and refreshing formula thoroughly cleanses excess sebum while retaining skin’s essential component- Ceramide. Its dense foam cushions harsh cleansing motion on raw, irritated skin and maintains skin at its natural PH level to prevent deterioration of remnant sebum that would further aggravate skin sensitivity. Skin becomes refreshingly matt, comfortable and not tight after wash.