Evanose FloraComfort Micellar Cleansing Water

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Delicate, no-rinse 3-in-1 cleanser, toner and make-up remover for eyes, lips and face. With Moisture-Locking Hyaluronic Acid and Certified Organic Ingredients. Powered by Envacel™ and Encapsulated Swiss Glacial Water.

Freshen up with longer-lasting water reserves. Our delicate multi-tasking cleansing water with Micellar technology captures and removes debris, make-up, and residue in one simple step. Skin is hydrated and softened to prevent any feeling of tightness or discomfort. Cornflower extract and hyaluronic acid nourishes skin for elevated suppleness.

• 3-in-1 cleanser that cleanses, tones and removes make-up – formulated for eyes, lips and face
• Perfect for on-the-go cleansing
• Nourishes, softens and hydrates skin
• Oil-free and does not leave any greasy after-feel, no product build up
• Deeply cleanse while respecting skin’s physiological balance
• High antioxidant to protect against premature ageing
Micellar technology captures dirt like”tiny magnets” and removes debris, makeup, and residue in one simple step. A micelle is a type of molecule cluster. When applied to skin, the micelle sphere