Hyalogy P-effect Clearance Cleansing

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Got this from my regular spa lady because whenever she puts in on my skin before my facial, it feels so soothing, relaxing yet gives a \"loosened\" pore effect. Great for use at night to get rid of all that dirt!

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First stage cleanser
This first stage cleansing emulsion, particularly designed for the skin exposed to stress and pollutants of contemporary city life, is highly effective in dissolving oily surface impurities such as those found in makeup and produced by the skin itself (dissolution of fat in fat). The emollients in this formula penetrate deep into the skin pores, cleansing them from within; thus, preventing comedones (black heads). They also repair and restore the hydrolipid mantle of the skin, which is crucial for preventing bacterial infection. This product is suitable for all the skin types in professional treatments; however, it is not recommended for home care pertaining to oily skin with inflammations.