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Smooth skin

When I just started this, I drink this one bottle per day and I got to say it work well in smoothening out my skin! After which, I slow it down to one bottle every two days and it works perfectly fine too. Good product and I am glad I done my research before deciding to purchase this product.
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Good investment

I've been using this product ever since its launch in (if I never recall wrongly), 2012? I was in Malaysia for their launch with the HK actress. After which when I went to UK for studies, I am not sure if it is the climate, but I started developing freckles. I got my mum to send this product to me in part of my monthly parcel (things that she send it to me from Malaysia) and after drinking it, my freckles started going away and as it gets quite cold here, my skin starts flaking up. Lucky with this product, it help my skin to regenerate better along with my face moisturiser. Good investment I feel.
Kate H
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Ease my acne scars

Decided to give this product a try as Tavia Yeung, Hong Kong TVB actress and celebrity is the spokeperson for this. Was quite doubtful as it seems too good to be true but as I could ask for something for as my birthday gift, I chose this! I know it is a bit weird for people to ask this for a gift but in my defence, it is a little out of my budget as I am unsure if it will work or not. But tada, it works well! I think it helps regrowth of skin etc and help me ease my acne scars!

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Kinohimitsu StemCell Drink is the most innovative anti-ageing drink that helps you to look younger and feel fantastic! It contains patented Snow Lotus Stem Cell, DNA, RNA and other active ingredients to rejuvenate and re-energise every cell in our body. With Kinohimitsu StemCell Drink, ageing can be delayed and quality life can be prolonged naturally.

A team of scientists and passionate botanic health activists ventured into the rainforest in search of new plants and herbs and discovered a new network of positive energy and healing properties of plants that could benefit mankind. In the pursuit of a lifestyle inspired by the goodness of nature, this team successfully uncovered the secret of plant life and established Kinohimitsu.

All Kinohimitsu products possess nature-based extracts that is vital to nature’s self-regulating system. Focusing on Detox, Health and Beauty on the principal of holistic approach to improve human well-being, Kinohimitsu offers safe and effective consumption of natural products. Kinohimitsu improves your life without making any demands and intrusions on your time and energy, giving you the freedom to live a better life.


Kinohimitsu is available islandwide at all leading pharmacies, major departmental stores and retailers.

  • Watsons’ Health & Beauty Awards
  • Best Inner Beauty Brand
  • Best Brand Growth 2015
  • Her World Beauty Awards (Readers’ Choice)
  • Aesthetics & Beauty Awards 2015 (Best Skin Supplement)
  • Repair cells, maintains normal cell growth and function, hinders UV damage, counters free radicals and prevents aging.
  • Improve skin elasticity, reduced wrinkles, and fine lines and lightens freckles and pigmentation.
  • Improve body vitality, reduces fatigue, increases alertness and enhances mental focus.
  • Enhances joint flexibility and agility, soothes and alleviates body aches.
  • Improves immunity and cells self-repair ability.