KOSÉ SEKKISEI Clear Cleansing Oil


5/5 stars from 3 reviews.
Hann Lee
91 Reviews

control breakouts

I like that this product don’t have any smell and it works! This product acts as a makeup cleanser too, so I usually use it to wash my face after removing my makeup with a wipe. It acts as a double cleanse for me. Very good! I have not been experiencing breakouts for quite some time now! Usually I break out very easily :( Glad that this product work for me! :)
Max Lin
26 Reviews

Good for combination skin

Very good cleanser for my combination skin! Good for removing my face makeup too! I think this product is a lot cheaper than other good brands out there, and this bottle can last me for quite some time. Will definitely recommend this !
52 Reviews

Cleanse + Exfoliate!

Have been using this product for some time now and kept going back to it. I feel like not only it cleanses, it also act a bit as an exfoliator to remove my dead skin.

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A one-step cleanser for both point and base makeup. Its oil-based formula removes all traces of waterproof eye makeup, together with foundation and sunscreen at a go. Emulsifies and washes off easily with water, leaving no trace of oiliness.

Forever radiant. Forever you.

Fair & Radiant. These are the values KOSÉ hold dear. It’s the brand’s sincerest desire to connect with each and every customer, to offer products of the highest quality; so that they can experience skincare that’s both effective and gentle. Our quest is for everyone to have beautiful, translucent skin with glowing radiance.

KOSÉ’s bestselling skincare and cosmetic brands include Sekkisei, Sekkisei Supreme, Esprique, Infinity, Moisture skin repair, Junkisui, the luxurious Cosme Decorte, and more.


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  • Makeup removal.
  • Skin brightening.
  • Removal of impurities and debris.