LANCASTER Sun Control Sensitive SPF50 Oil Free Soothing Body Lotion


Lucy Teo
104 Reviews

Great for family trip to beach

I was at the beach the other day and I totally forgot my sunscreen! So I quickly rushed to the nearest guardian and picked the first sunscreen I saw. I have never hear of this brand but from the moment I put it on, I loved it! It goes on so lightweight(for a body sunscreen) but yet I didn\'t get sunburned even after 6 hours tanning in the hot sun!
Facebook Profile photoChristopher Garperio
416 Reviews

Snuck a squirt from my ex\'s beauty pouch!

Mistook this a s a moisturizer and wore it before a run. I can say it does give superior protection to my sun-loved skin. Looked like Paul Rudd after my 5-mile morning jog! Feels light for my sensitive skin, it\'s lightweight formula soothes my often irritable skin. Now I want her back—just to reunite with this Lancaster sunscreen!

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Lancaster Sun Control Sensitive SPF50 Oil Free Soothing Body Lotion is a gentle sun cream that provides superior protection to the skin. It shields the face and the body from sun-caused signs of ageing like dark spots. Formulated with a sensitive skin complex, it has a lightweight formula that soothes irritable skin. Leave your skin healthy and younger-looking with this anti-ageing sunscreen.