Orange Crush Bath and Shower Cream

5/5 stars from 2 reviews.
Vivian Lee
65 Reviews

Will purchase again

I\'m using right now this shower cream and it feels very nice. The skin feels really moisturised afterwards and the scent is wonderfully fruity. Will certainly buy it again sometime.
Ashnee P
78 Reviews

Lovely Gift for everyone !

This is a nice, thick moisturising shower cream that\'s gentle on the skin. The orange aroma is refreshing and soothing, making this a really pleasant morning shower product. I also like that it\'s a shower cream, not a gel. The packaging is lovely too, so it would make a great gift.

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Whisking your senses away to sunny picnics, Orange Crush is a fabulously fruity and fresh inspired by summer drinks with a hint of sherbety sweetness.

Natural handmade products made in the UK from the local source ingredients.  The products are not tested in animal and free from paraben.