Sweet As Cherry Pie Tartlette

5/5 stars from 2 reviews.
52 Reviews

It leaves my bathroom filled with this lovely scent !

Rose & Co tartlets have a lovely variety set of scent. Every scent I\'ve tried has been lovely. It gives the water a nice feel and they are very moisturising and hold scent extremely well. A box of it ( 2 tartlet ) would be just fine if you want to leave your whole bathroom in this scent
26 Reviews

Cute and smell fantastic !

It look and smell as what it claimed: sweet as cherry pie ! My friend shared one of the tartlette with me and I don\'t feel like want to put in to the water yet but just to keep it as a display! Or just eat the whole thing..! Haha. Haven\'t use it but its smell real good and eye catchy.

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As Sweet as Cherry Pie…

2 Pretty Hand-Made Bath Tartlettes in an adorable sliding gift box. Contains our Cherry Tartlette and Vanilla Cream Tartlette.