Wasser Moisturising Lotion

Jamie Wong
65 Reviews

Good for oily skin

I absolutely love this product, it\'s probably my favorite moisturizer I\'ve used over the past few years. Although my skin is dry, very thick, oil based moisturizers can make it break out, but this lotion is amazing. My skin is quite sensitive and this soothes it and leaves it well moisturized without being greasy.
143 Reviews

My must makeup base

Can\'t say enough of this. I am having an oily skin so been looking for something like this till my friend recommend me this. Normally I don\'t put any moisturiser underneath my makeup( which is bad to my skin) but this product is my must \"tool\" now to start my makeup routine.

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Wasser Moisturizing Lotion is meant for use in day time for people with dry skin who needs the extra moisturization.
Because the moisturizing lotions do not contain oil, you can apply foundation and make-up on top of it.