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14 Best Korean Makeup Looks and How to Create Them

By: / March 19, 2021
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Korean beauty trends are coming in hot and they are not going out of season any time soon. With this, it is no surprise that beauty junkies have been attempting to use their favourite makeup products to recreate the best Korean makeup looks. However, you do not need a celebrity makeup artist to recreate a Blackpink-worthy look!  Beauty Insider has got you covered on the best Korean makeup looks and tutorials on how to create them.

Gradient Lip


What is a Gradient Lip?

The gradient lip is arguably the cornerstone of Korean beauty trends. Gradient lips are meant to create the effect of bitten lips and they are perfect for everyday wear. This look is your go-to if you are aiming for that subtle and sweet doll-like look!

How to: Gradient Lip

For this look, use a concealer or a lipstick shade closest to your skin tone and apply it on the outermost part of lips. Afterwards, dab your preferred lip colour lightly onto the inner parts of your lips before smudging it out. For the final step, add a darker shade of your preferred colour to the innermost parts of your lips and blend it out. Watch how beauty Youtuber sichenmakeupholic achieves that gradient lip here.

If you want a simpler way to achieve this look, we recommend the Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar.

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Classic Brown Smokey Eye


What is a Classic Brown Smokey Eye Look?

The smokey eye will always remain a classic. This timeless look has taken over Korean beauty trends and we can see why! Whether you are looking to go on a night out or head for that romantic night out, you can count on this look to keep you looking on point!

How to: Classic Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial

In order to achieve this look, apply a light beige shade all over your lids to set the base. Then, apply a copper shadow from the outermost corner of your eyes to the midpoint of your lids using a blending shadow brush. Finish off the smokey eye with a dark brown shade on the outer corners of your eyes before blending it out. If you are looking to amp up your look, do not forget to add a subtle shimmer all over your lids.

Check out how beauty YouTuber Tina Yong does this eye makeup look!

For this look, use the Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette in Bloom Clay Palette to master your brown eyeshadow look.

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Puppy Eyeliner


What is the Puppy Eyeliner Look?

Are sharp wings not your thing? Then go for a puppy eyeliner look! Another classic Korean makeup look, the puppy eyeliner is an alternative to the sharp, bold wing. This look has been well-loved by many as it accentuates the roundness of your eyes for the illusion of bigger eyes.

How to: Puppy Eyeliner Look

Sephora has a tutorial to show you how this eyeliner look is done. For this look, follow your lash line before extending your eyeliner downwards to elongate your natural eye shape. Complement your eyeliner with a rosy blush to complete the sweet, doll-like look!

The Clio Waterproof Pen Liner in Kill Black is our go-to to master this look.

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Coral Eyeshadow


What is the Coral Eyeshadow Look?

What better way to rock this Korean makeup look than with Pantone’s Colour of the Year? Coral eyeshadows are the hottest thing in Korea. These lovely shades scream both elegant and cute, making it perfect for that sunny summer vacation.

How to: Coral Eyeshadow Look

For this look, apply a nude eyeshadow as the base before applying a light veil of orange or coral pink on the outer most corners of your lids. After that, line your underline with the same shade used for your upper lids. Complete your look with a light shimmer all over your lids and a brown gel eyeliner for a softer look. If you are feeling adventurous, apply a bright orange shade on the outermost part of your lids! Check out this rendition of the coral eyeshadow look by Korean beauty YouTuber Jody here.

The Etude House Play Color Eyes Peach Farm is our must-have beauty tool for this coral eyeshadow look.

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Rosy Pink Eyeshadow


What is the Rosy Pink Eyeshadow Look?

Nothing says ethereal more than a rosy pink. This eyeshadow look mimics the colour of roses in the springtime. This is the perfect look if you are looking to switch up your classic neutrals for something more fun.

How to: Rosy Pink Eyeshadow Look

For this look, dust a light brown shade all over your lids. Then, layer a mauve pink shade on your eyelids to create depth. Apply the pink eyeshadow to your underline as well. Complete the look with a sheer, pink lip. Check out how beauty YouTuber Minjeong Park does her rosy pink eye makeup look.

Get this soft and ethereal look with the Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes.

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Blurred Lips


What is the Blurred Lips Look?

Blurred lips are the gradient lip’s best friend. Blurred lips is a feathered lip look that goes against the typically defined lip, perfect if you are looking for an in-between of bold and subtle.

How To: Blurred Lips Look

Make Up Forever Official has an interesting tutorial on how to achieve this look. With the lipstick colour of your choice. apply it in the innermost parts of your lips. Next, fill in your lips with a brush and feather out the lip line to create a diffused look. It is that simple! Do not forget to lock that colour payoff in with a setting powder.

We recommend the Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense to create this stained effect look.

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Glitter Lids


What is the Glitter Lids Look?

It looks like we cannot get enough of glitter. Glitter lids are your answer if you want a fuss-free way to make your eyes pop!

How to: Glitter Lids Look

For this look, slap on your favourite eyeshadow before swiping a ton of glitter all over your eyelids with a flat eyeshadow brush or your finger! Go all out with the glitter by adding some glitter to your lower lash line. Althea Korea has a tutorial to show you how quick and easy this look is.

We recommend adding the Holika Holika Eye Metal Glitter to your beauty arsenal if you want to achieve this look.

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Gold Shimmer Eyeshadow


What is the Gold Shimmer Eyeshadow Look?

Go big or go gold! A spin-up on the classic smokey eyeshadow, there is no look that will make you stand out more than a gold shimmer eyeshadow look.

How to: Gold Shimmer Eyeshadow Look

In order to achieve this look, start off with applying a highly pigmented gold shimmer eyeshadow all over your eyelids. Then, using a blending brush, apply a light brown or copper shade and blend it into your crease. Top it all of with a dark brown eyeshadow in the outermost corners of your eyelids. Finish your look with a bold cat eyeliner to bring out those eyes. Check out celebrity makeup artist Pony’s take on this gold shimmer eye look.

The Huda Beauty Obsessions Precious Stones Eyeshadow Palette is the holy grail when it comes to gold shimmers.

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Burgundy Eyeshadow

What is the Burgundy Eyeshadow Look?

There are no rules to when makeup should be worn, but you cannot deny that the burgundy eyeshadow look is perfect for the fall! This look is perfect if you are looking for a bold twist to your usual neutrals.

How to: Burgundy Eyeshadow Look

First, add a mauve, matte pink shade onto your entire eyelid and underline. After that, apply a dark burgundy shade to the end of your crease and the lower lash line to create depth. Finish this look by layering a dark chocolate brown on the outermost corners of your eyes and lining your eyes with a bold cat eyeliner. Check out the full Burgundy makeup look by Pony here!

We recommend the Urban Decay Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette for this look.

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Glass Skin


What is the Glass Skin Look?

Korean beauty trends are all about being as natural as possible, so how could we miss out on the highly raved Korean glass skin look? The Korean Glass Skin Look is all about having flawless skin, the perfect minimal makeup look if you are feeling lazy.

How To: Glass Skin Look


The key focus of this look is the glowing skin, so we recommend using a cushion foundation that leaves the skin with a dewy finish. Then, apply a sheer, rosy pink blush on your cheeks to add some colour to your skin. Complement your look with a light brown shade all over your lids and top it all off with a clear gloss. Check out how Pony achieved this clear, glass skin look!


We recommend the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion EX as your rescue solution to achieve that glass skin!

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Straight Brows

What are straight brows?

Known as the seaweed brow in Korea, the straight brow look is meant to provide you with a youthful look. The eyebrows are shaped to look straight instead of the usual arch giving you an innocent look with subtle brows.

How To: Straight Brows

First of all, create the shape of your brows on the outer area. Line the lower and upper part of your brows so that they are parallel to each other. Lastly, fill in those brows to give it a fuller look. And there you have it, straight, full, and soft straight brows, just like the ones you see in your favourite K-Dramas!

Fruit Juice Look


What is the Fruit Juice Look?

We are loving the fruit juice look! The cute spread of blush on your cheeks that make them look like cute little fruits. That’s where the fruit juice look got its name; from those apple shaped cheeks!

How To: Fruit Juice Look


Apply a coral or fruity coloured blush onto the apples of your cheek beginning with the top of your cheekbones and ending right underneath the centre of your eyes. This blush look will have you feeling pretty cute all day!

Smiling Puffy Eye Look


What is the smiling puffy eye look?

Created for to give you a cheerful and cute look especially on the eyes, the smiling puffy eye look is for those of you who love puffy under eyes. Prepare to make your eyes pop with this look!

How To: Korean Puffy Smiling Eyes

All you need is a subtle brown eye shadow and some light shimmer. Shape the under eye to create the illusion of puffy eyes. Smooth it out to ensure there aren’t any harsh lines. Next, add on some light shimmer to make it pop! Then, you’re all done!

Light Contouring


What is light contouring?

For an all natural look, avoid harsh contouring and go for a subtle shaping effecting on you cheeks. Although this type of contouring is subtle and light, you will still achieve the benefits of a harsh contour without looking like you have make up on!

How To: Light Contouring

Cream contour is the way to go! Using a cream contour shape your face the way you want to by placing a darker shade of cream onto the lower points of your face. Blend it out softly and put some CC Cream on top to cover any harsh lines.