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15 Beauty Secrets that Celebs Use for Instant Glowing Skin — Even When They’re Tired!

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Even celebs and models have bad skin days. In fact, their crazy schedules — long hours on the set, back-to-back events and flights — can be downright exhausting. Their makeup artists, dermatologists and facialists share their beauty secrets to always looking fresh and radiant.

Give yourself a quick face massage

This boosts circulation and refreshes your complexion. First, apply a facial oil (if you have dry skin) or hydrating serum (if you have oily skin). Work it into your skin with a jade roller, gua sha tool, or even your fingertips. Molly Stern — makeup artist of celebrities like Cara Delevingne – says this is one of the beauty secrets she passes on to all her clients. “It revives your skin, but more importantly,  it relaxes you and puts you in a better mood. That really shows in the eyes!”

Mix luminizer into your foundation

This is one of the tried-and-tested celebrity beauty secrets. “Highlighters can look harsh in the daytime. Mix a liquid luminizer into your moisturizer or foundation. Apply a very sheer layer on your cheeks, temple and chin – basically, where light will hit your face — with a damp Beauty Blender or sponge.  

Pick a gold luminizer if you have medium skin, and pink if you have very fair skin. Avoid anything with very large, glittery flecks.

Stipple your foundation

Prefer using a makeup brush? Daniel Martin, who did the wedding makeup of Meghan Markle, prefers to buff and swirl foundation into the skin. “Think of it like waxing your car—minus the pressure. When you use light, short circular motions to achieve coverage, it ends up looking seamless and not streaky at all.”

Create day-to-night glow

If you have an evening date or event, apply powder highlighter on top of a cream highlighter. This is one of the favourite beauty secrets of Erin Parsons, who does the makeup of Gigi Hadid. “Applying powder over cream makes any makeup colour last longer. The different textures also create the illusion that you’re glowing from the inside out.”

Add shimmer to your collarbones

If you have truly naturally glowing skin, then it won’t just show on your face! That’s why celebrity Pat McGrath always applies a little highlighting powder on the collarbones. It’s one of the best-kept beauty secrets of magazine editors, too. “It photographs beautifully!”

Apply toner in between makeup layers

It’s one of the beauty secrets of Korean stars! Ko Won Hye, who works with all the top Korean actresses and singers, explains how it works in our article on KBeauty Makeup Hacks That Will Help You Achieve a Natural Glow.

Treat yourself to an overnight sleeping mask

If you’ve had a really tiring week (and know that next week won’t get any better) then don’t wait for your skin to show your stress. Add an overnight sleeping mask to your sklincare routine. It’s even more low-maintenance than a sheet mask, because you don’t have to take it off. Just apply on top of your night cream and go to sleep.

Use a cold spoon

Who said celeb beauty secrets were always expensive? Ashley Graham always keeps a couple of spoons in her refrigerator. Whenever she needs a quick pick-me-up, she presses it against her eyes and massages it over her temples and jawline. It helps fight puffy eyes and bloating — and is super relaxing!

Spritz several layers of toner

Even on a good skin day, you should use toner before any serum. Hydrated skin absorbs products better. But tired skin needs extra hydration, and extra layers of toner. Use a spray toner so it’s easier: just spritz, pat, spritz, pat, spritz… you get the idea. You can also reapply this in the middle of the day to refresh your skin and your makeup.  

Use a sheet mask several days in a row

Think of it as “compound interest” – just like your savings account. When you use sheet masks for a week straight, they boost each other’s benefits and make your skin look absolutely radiant. And they don’t have to be super expensive ones either. Check out some of the $1 sheet masks in our article on the most popular Korean sheet masks

Clear out your pores

“Remove anything that causes ‘background noise’: little things that aren’t too noticeable but when removed make skin look flawless,” says dermatologist Heather Woolery-Lloyd, M.D., dermatologist in Miami. Examples: blackheads on your nose, or dry and chapped lips.

Grab an ice cube

This is one of the best beauty secrets of Thuyen Nguyen, the facialist who takes care of the skin of Cindy Crawford and other models. “Run ice cubes over your face until they melt. It wakes up your skin and closes your pores!”

Get a lunch time facial

By the time you get back to the office, your skin will be glowing! Check out our review of one of the most popular facials in Singapore (and now one of our editor’s top beauty secrets).

 Schedule a laser treatment

New York dermatologist Robert Anolik says that laser resurfacing can do wonders for anyone who’s over 30. “It will fade sun spots that make your skin look dull.” Visit the Beauty Insider directory to find a Singapore skin clinic near you!