hair tips that save time and money

15 Hair Tips that Save Time and Make Your Products Work Better

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Sometimes the secret to perfect hair isn’t in a bottle of shampoo – it’s how you use the hair products and hair tools you already have. Here are some of the best hair tips we’ve ever tried. They really work and don’t cost a single cent.

The best way to condition your hair

Don’t just dump the conditioner into your hair. Rake it through your hair with your fingers, so you coat each strand. Then get a wide-tooth comb and comb out the tangles. (This makes drying your hair so much easier, and it also spreads out the product even more.) Rinse with lukewarm water, but seal the cuticles with a blast of cold water.

How to add volume to hair that actually lasts the whole day

Use both a thickening spray and a volumizer. This gives serious volume that won’t deflate by the middle of the day. But so you don’t overload your hair with styling products, apply in light layers. After a few tries you’ll know exactly how much your hair length and texture needs.

The best time to apply dry shampoo

If you know you won’t be washing your hair in the morning, apply dry shampoo at bedtime. This gives time for the shampoo to set, and prevents the ashy color and white flakes that can happen if you rush through application. (Read more tips on how to apply dry shampoo.)  

The easiest way to control flyaway hair

Apply hair spray on your brush or palms, then smooth down your hair. For fine baby hair along your forehead, use a toothbrush. That way, your hair doesn’t look stiff, but it stays in place.

The hairstyling step everyone forgets

Admit it: sometimes you don’t shake your styling products before using this. But almost all of them need this step to work well and distribute properly.  

The simplest way to prevent waking up with bad hair

Switch to silk pillowcases. It causes less friction than cotton pillowcases, so your hair doesn’t get messed up and tangled when you toss and turn at night. This is a life-saver for people with frizzy or curly hair! (To wake up with even more amazing hair, try these hair serums.)

How to make DIY hair dyes less messy

Apply Vaseline along your hairline and so the dye won’t stain your skin. And keep a damp towel or a pack of baby wipes nearby, so you can quickly wipe away any spills.

The most important thing you need to eat for healthy hair

While a good hair supplement never hurts, just getting lean protein two meals a day will already make a big difference. If you’re trying to cut down on meat, go for tofu, beans and pulses.  

The best blowdrying trick for fine hair

Lean forward, flip your hair in front, and blow dry your hair while it’s upside down. This immediately adds more body and volume without weighing down fine hair with tons of hair styling products.  

The best blowdrying trick for frizzy hair

Dry your hair in layers, so you don’t over expose your hair to heat. Just divide hair into sections and pin it back with clips. Put your blowdryer on the lowest possible heat setting.

 How to wake up with natural curls

Part your hair in the middle and make two sidebraids. Sleep. When you wake up, you’ll have naturally tousled waves.

How to protect coloured hair from pool water

 Before hopping in the pool, take a quick shower and rub a small amount of moisturizing conditioner into your hair. This prevents blonde or highlighted hair from getting brassy.  

The cheapest way to level up your shampoo

Once a month, crush an aspirin and add it to your shampoo before lathering up. Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which can make your hair shiny and break down shampoo build up.  

The easiest way to make hair smell great

Spray your favourite perfume into your hair brush! It will leave a subtle scent whenever you brush your hair – and isn’t as overpowering as directly spraying perfume to your hair.

How to tone down a hair colour you hate

Sometimes your hair colour didn’t turn out the way you like. If you want to tone down the hair colour, just add 1-2 drops of a natural dish soap to your shampoo. This won’t completely remove the colour, but it can tone it down a couple of shades – and in a safe, natural way.