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Best Whitening Supplements That are Unbelievably Under $180 in Singapore

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / January 13, 2021
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Getting and maintaining a luminous and radiant skin becomes a problem as we grow old. We try a lot of glutathione and collagen-rich skincare products which promise to fight the obvious signs of ageing such as wrinkles, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. Unfortunately, most of the age-defying and whitening supplements in the market cost more than your average weekly meal! That’s a lot of money, especially if the product you want works better if taken as maintenance

Hence, we dedicated our weekends to find the budget-friendly yet effective whitening supplements sold here in Singapore. The best part? All are under $199! Here are the best whitening supplements that you can squeeze in your daily budget and beauty routine:

1. SATO HAKUBI WHITE C Whitening Supplements

Hakubi’s formulation targets severe blemishes such as spots, freckles and pigmentations. It is formulated with a higher content of L-cysteine, Vitamin C and Calcium Pantothenate for an enhanced whitening effect. Hakubi takes pride in using Vitamin C as its whitening ingredient.

Since this is a water-soluble vitamin, the excess chemicals will not be stored but rather excreted in the body through your urine. For best results, adults must take two tablets, thrice a daily. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water. You will see the wonders it will bring onto your skin after 30 days of continuous intake.

Price: $84.90

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2. HABA MOIST WHITE BEAUTY  Whitening Supplements

Best Whitening Supplements That are Unbelievably Under $199 in Singapore

HABA Moist Beauty is a 2-in-1 beauty drink which replenishes the skin’s collagen levels, thus whitening and restoring your skin back to its youthful glow. It harnesses the power of Haskap, the blueberry honeysuckle known as the “longevity fruit”.

That within a collagen formula slows down the occurrence of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin—the obvious signs of ageing. It’s a great combination. Moreover, each bottle contains 21 calories only. This makes HABA Moist Beauty great for people on a diet.

Price: $49.00

Where to buy: Haba

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A single bottle of Orbis Collagen Beauty whitening supplement contains 6,000mg of collagen that’s absorbed by the body within an hour or two. The brand claims to reduce visible fine lines in just one week. It contains 7 beauty enhancing components such as Collagen, Royal Jelly Extract, Elastin, Vitamin C, Ceramide, Rooibos Tea Extract, and Coenzyme Q10, for a more youthful version of you. In addition, it comes in pomegranate and red grape flavours.

Price: $36.00

Where to buy: ORBIS

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Spot Whitening Capsules help you achieve a glowing, porcelain-looking skin that even KPop stars obsess about. The brand claims that each capsule contains herbal ingredients which whiten skin and improve overall blood circulation. Good blood circulation aids in cell regeneration, wherein the body replaced the damaged skin cells caused by pollution and the sun’s UV rays.

Price: $48.00

Where to buy: Eu Yan Sang

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5. Eisai Chocola BB Lucent C

One key ingredient when searching for whitening supplements is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a natural brightening agent that although is growing fame within skincare, it is the absolute most effective when ingested. This supplement contains 600mg to combat and diminish melanin that causes pigmentation. This supplement is perfect if you are insecure about dark spots, freckles and hyperpigmentation of the skin and prefer a non-invasive approach.

Price: $36.90

Where to buy: Shopee


The Kinohimitsu UV-Bright is a supplement in a drink form to give you radiant and bright skin, a natural glow from within. It is enriched with Grape Seed Extract that has been studied to show amazing anti-oxidant powers that will diminish pigmentation, restoring one’s skin at its optimal state. Moreover, this super drink will also be effective at protecting you from sun damage that shields not only your face but also your body too!

Price: $49.00

Where to buy: Watsons

7. CRYSTAL TOMATO Supplements

Crystal Tomato Supplements - Best Whitening Supplements That are Unbelievably Under $199 in Singapore

We saved the best for last.

If you love the outdoors but hate to see your skin damaged by the pollution and the sun, try the Crystal Tomato Age Defying Supplement. This revolutionary product comes from a rare breed of natural, non-genetically modified tomatoes that are grown and harvested for their high concentration of Crystal Tomato® Carotenoids.

When you drink the products of Crystal Tomato, you’re not just lightening your skin, you’re also shielding it from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. It also has L-Cysteine, an amino acid which activates the production of glutathione in your body and helps in the formation of collagen for a lighter and more youthful glow.

You can only purchase Crystal Tomato Supplements and products in and a number of authorised skincare clinics. That means you can consult a dermatologist before taking this medicine.

Price: $168.00

Where to buy: Crystal Tomato

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