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20 Eyebrow Pencils that Makeup Forums are OBSESSED With

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Some people are born with perfect eyebrows; the rest of us fake them. But that’s okay! The best eyebrow pencils look really natural and blend like a dream. The proof? Thousands of five-star reviews. We combed through Amazon, Sephora and other online makeup forums to find which brow pencils were tried, tested and loved.

1. Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil

Buy it now: $13.32, Amazon Singapore

One of the best drugstore eyebrow pencils, with over 2,300 Amazon reviews and 4.5 star ratings. What they love:

  • You can use it two ways: draw fine hairs with the thin tip, or lie on its side to fill in your whole brow
  • Soft pigment prevents brows from looking too fake
  • Really nice brush that blends pigments and grooms brows

However, the soft pigment may not show up on dark brows or skin, and some of the shades can look ashy or too red. It fades after a few hours, especially on oily or acidic skin.

2. Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil

Buy it now: $44, Sephora

Benefit is famous for its brow products — can we buy them all? But if we had to pick just one, this would be it. It’s a waterproof eyebrow pencil that lasts for 12 hours! We recommend this is if you overplucked your brows or have bald spots that need to be precisely filled in.

  • Very fine brush tip for drawing very real-looking brow hairs
  • Waterproof and smudge-proof (but use a primer if you have acidic skin)
  • No sharpening required

See how it works in this simple eyebrow tutorial:

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3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

Buy it now: $40, Sephora

Fans call it the best eyebrow pencil for Singapore weather! “My eyebrows stay in place and in shape the whole day even when I’m sweating and going all and about on a busy day!” says Suvi in her Sephora review. Some of its key features:

  • 9 different shades — including blonde, reddish brown and ebony — to perfectly match coloured hair
  • Small, angled tip to perfectly fill in brows with one swipe
  • Very pigmented formula for drama and definition

However, the strong pigment can be a drawback too. The colour can be harsh, so apply carefully so you don’t look like a clown. If you prefer very soft brows (or have no time to blend) this may not be the best eyebrow pencil for you.

See how this eyebrow pencil can perfect your holiday and party makeup:

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4. MAC Eyebrows Pencil

Buy it now: $32, MAC

You can count on this cult classic to stay on the whole day, even when you’re exercising outdoors. Check out some of the love on these reviews!

  • Waxy formula resists smudging, even on very oily or acidic skin
  • Doesn’t melt — even in very hot weather! We accidentally left this in our makeup kit in the car, and it survived.
  • No sharpening required

While this pencil does a great job of filling in brows, you can’t achieve the soft ombre effect, and it doesn’t have a built-in sponge or brush. Get this if you just want a basic but dependable eyebrow pencil.

5. K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyebrow Pencil

Buy it now: $23.90, Watsons

Fan of Japanese beauty and makeup? This is their bestselling eyebrow pencil (and a favourite of beauty bloggers and editors!) The reason for all the love:

  • Soft, blendable pigment looks very natural — especially if you prefer the Korean-style or Japanese-style brow
  • Lasts 24 hours without smudging or fading
  • One of the best ash shades! Get this if you have blonde or ash-toned hair

Check out this Korean eyebrow tutorial using this pencil:

best eyebrow pencils  shades

6. Fenty Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler

Buy it now: $32, Sephora

Released just this August 2019, this new waterproof eyebrow pencil has the widest shade range So if you’ve got auburn or blonde hair, there’s a pencil here for you. But even its black-brown shade is pretty on point — in Sephora review, Rachel said it helped define her black eyebrows without looking too harsh. Some of its best features:

  • Fine tip pencil for drawing natural-looking hair
  • Waterproof and resists smudges, transfer and fading
  • Comes in 14 colours (most eyebrow pencils only have 5 to 10)
  • Unique paddle brush for flawless blending
  • Triangle shape is easy to hold
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7. NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil

Buy it now: $14.90, Shopee

It got 4.5 stars and nearly 10,500 ratings on Influenster, with some saying that it’s just as good as Anastasia’s Brow Definer at half the price!

  • Fine precision tip for feather-like, natural-looking hairs
  • Pigmented formula coats even the thinnest brow hairs to make them look thicker and darker
  • Affordable price for a high-quality product

Check how even a very affordable drugstore eyebrow pencil can help you achieve your #browgoals!

best eyebrow pencils korea

8. Etude House Drawing Eye Brow

Buy it now: $5.90, Etude House

One of the cheapest eyebrow pencils in Singapore! And in case you’re skeptical that something this cheap can actually be good, don’t worry: it has a 4.5 star rating in Makeup Alley! Some of their favourite features:

  • Angled tip for quick but precise shading
  • Built-in brush to groom and blend pigment
  • Warm colour tones complement Asian skintones

9. Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Pencil

Buy it now: $35, Sephora

One of the best eyebrow pencils for Singapore climate! It will survive the hottest days, sweaty workouts, and even swimming. While it’s one of the more expensive pencils on this list, it’s worth it:

  • Waterproof formula also resists smudging and fading
  • Uses skin-friendly plant waxes made with natural botanicals, aloe, vitamins A and E, and mineral pigments
  • Precision brush helps lift and groom even the finest brow hairs
  • Warm undertones complement most skin tones

In her Sephora review, Rebecca suggests getting a lighter shade than you usually get. In Makeup Alley, Ndutta13 says it looks more natural than other brow products she’s tried.

Best eyebrow pencil tip: Store soft pencils in the fridge before you sharpen them. The harder tips won’t break off or stick to your sharpener.

10. IT Cosmetics Brow Power Waterproof Perfector Pencil

Buy it now: $42, Sephora

This award-winning waterproof eyebrow pencil may be more expensive, but it delivers brows that last the whole day. Here’s why it’s worth your money:

  • Clinically proven to be waterproof for 8 hours, and sweat for 12 hours
  • All-in-one eyebrow pencil that fills, tames and conditions your brows
  • Can cover gray eyebrow hairs (yes, it’s that pigmented!)

However, some people say that it can be a little sticky, and the soft pencil needs a lot of sharpening. To prevent this, store it in the fridge!

best eyebrow pencils Japan

11. BCL Water Strong W Eyebrow Natural Brown

Buy it now: $19.90, Watsons

If you’re looking for value for money, check out what we think is the best drugstore eyebrow pencil in Singapore! For less than $20, you get both a brow pencil and a brow mascara. Other variants have a brow pencil and a brow brush. Pick what works for you!

Even if you have very bald or thin eyebrows, this makes them look very full but very natural! One Amazon review says: “Nothing else like it for control, permanence and appearance. ” What we love:

  • High quality formula from Japan
  • Dual tip with a brow pencil and brow mascara
  • Waterproof and sweatproof
  • Lasts for 24 hours in regular conditions

12. Lancome Le Crayon Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil

Makeup Alley reviews say that this eyebrow pencil is absolutely foolproof. One reviewer called it “super-blendable, long-lasting and lasts forever.” The Chatain shade is a crowd favourite, since brows look defined but still soft and natural.

  • The wax formula doesn’t melt in hot weather
  • Built-in brush for easy blending and grooming
  • Dermatologist-tested to be hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin

Check out Lancome creative director and celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge’s How To Use An Eyebrow Pencil tutorial, full of tips like how to naturally fill in gaps in your eyebrows or define your eyebrow arch.

best eyebrow pencils Shu Uemura

13. Shu Uemura Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil

Buy it now: $33, Sephora

A bestselling eyebrow pencil for over a decade — and for good reason! The formula interacts with the oil glands in your skin to create a soft, natural looking tint. It looks like your brows, but better!

Here’s a peek at some of the available colours:

This eyebrow pencil got 4.5 stars in Makeup Alley. Reviewer Shi1 says the signature sword shape makes a big difference! You can have it done at a Shu Uemura counter or follow this tutorial. Other features that they love:

  • Very soft natural effect that’s part of Japanese makeup looks!
  • Lasts forever because the pencil doesn’t melt (users say that it will last longer than a year)
  • Good shade range to match Asian skin tones (although not all of them are available at Sephora)
best eyebrow pencils 2019

14. Glossier Brow Flick

Buy it now: $31.60, Amazon

Glossier’s Boy Brow is already a huuuuuge favourite in the beauty world, so everyone was excited when the brand launched the Brow Flick. And when beauty editors are amazed (and they try hundreds of beauty products for a living) then you know it’s good.

“”The full, fluffy look created by Brow Flick alone is downright amazing. Amazing enough, that, dare we say, it may eventually surpass Boy Brow’s bestseller status,” says Allure editor Marci Robin.

But when you use Brow Flick and Boy Brow together, you achieve eyebrow perfection:

best eyebrow pencils paraben free

15. Pretty Vulgar Defined Brilliance Eyebrow Pencil

Buy it now: $35, Sephora

Grab this Sephora exclusive while stocks last! While it’s not as well-known as other eyebrow pencils, those who do try it are always impressed. “Smooth defined lines that look soft and natural, and the shape of the pen makes doing your brows easy!” says KMBBY in her Sephora review.

  • Very blendable formula that even makeup beginners will like
  • No harmful chemicals — no parabens, sulfates and phthalates
  • Cruelty free

16. Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil

Buy it now: $58, Sephora

This award-winning eyebrow pencil does it all! The breakthrough formula offers the convenience of an eyebrow pencil, the density of a wax, and the softness of a powder. It can cover up bald, overplucked areas while making fine brow hairs look thicker and darker. Check the available shades:

  • Buildable formula made of powder, pencil and wax
  • Triangle shape lets you switch between a flat and pointed tip
  • 9 shades which you can customize by changing the pressure you apply
  • Built-in brush to blend and groom brows

17. Laneige Natural Brow Liner

Buy it now: $26, Sephora

This budge-proof eyeliner pencil won’t melt in Singapore weather! It’s not waterproof, but it won’t fade during the workday, no matter how hot it is.

  • Precision tip for super-defined brows
  • No sharpening required
  • Long-lasting formula won’t smudge, smear or transfer

Most of all, we like the soft effect — as Kbeauty fans know, softly defined eyebrows can make you look younger. Here’s a makeup look from Laneige:

18. Urban Decay Brow Beater

Buy it now: $33, Urban Decay Singapore

Obsessed with Urban Decay’s eyeshadow palettes? Use their brow pencil to complete the look. It’s so slim it fits into the smallest makeup kit, and the retractable pencil needs no sharpening. What we love:

  • Waterproof and sweat-proof
  • Long-lasting formula doesn’t need retouching
  • True to colour — it doesn’t change even on acidic skin!

19. Kat Von D Signature Brow Precision Pencil

Buy it now: $33, Sephora

This eyebrow pencil is so precise and easy to use that you have full control over your brow shape. Use the long edge to create an outline then fill it in with little flick of the super-skinny tip.

  • Waterproof and sweat-resistant
  • Buildable colour so you can customize and create gradient effect
  • 7 natural shades

20. Innisfree Auto Eyebrow Pencils

One of the most popular Korean eyebrow pencils! Innisfree Singapore reviews gave it 5 stars, saying that it was highly pigmented and long-lasting.

  • Flat oval shape lets you customize your arch
  • Soft texture is easy to apply and blend
  • Natural shades look subtle and realistic
  • Creamy formula glides on easily and comfortably

Eyebrow Pencils FAQ

What brand of eyebrow pencil is the best?

It really depends! Even famous brands like Benefit or Maybelline have their share of best and worst eyebrow pencils. Plus, everyone has their personal preference for formula and colour.

Is eyebrow powder better than pencil?

Both have their pros and cons. Eyebrow pencils are convenient, especially for traveling. Eyebrow powders are more versatile. You can layer them or blend different shades for an ombre effect. (Read more about other easy eye makeup tips for beginners.)

Do I need a waterproof eyebrow pencil?

If you plan to wear eyebrow makeup while swimming or exercising, yes. Otherwise, just look for a longwear, smudge-proof or fade-rseistant eyebrow pencil. (Find some of the top waterproof mascaras and eyeliners.)

What color eyebrow pencil should I use?

Eyebrows should be one shade darker or one shade lighter than your hair colour. You can also adjust the eyebrow shade depending on your makeup look. A strong, red lip needs to be balanced by more defined eyebrows. Soft, natural makeup looks often call for diffused and softer-looking eyebrows.