2017 skincare trends

2017 skincare trends (#2 will change your routine!)

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Looks like 2017 is the year of healthy and radiant skin! Aside from powerful products, we now have dermatologist-grade treatments that we can do at home with smart, handheld devices. Here are some of the top 2017 skincare trends. Ready, get set… GLOW!

Probiotic skincare

We know that probiotics are good for digestion, but it looks it can help your skin too! New research shows bad bacteria in your gut can worsen redness, acne, and rosacea. Dermatologists suggest that you include probiotics in your diet (you can get it from yogurt, miso soup and kambucha) or take a supplement. There will also be a lot of skincare products that will tap into this 2017 skincare trends — toners, cleansers, masks and creams with good “skin boosting” bacteria.

Gentle skincare

Studies have shown that the PH levels of our skin are more delicate than we thought. Harsh cleansers strip away moisture and can worsen acne, wrinkles, irritation and aging. That’s why one of the 2017 skincare trends is to “clean smarter, not harsher.”

Skin experts and dermatologists see a big shift from harsh cleansers and scrubs to lighter and more gentle products that break down dirt and makeup without drying out the skin. Wear a lot of makeup?
The new cleansing balms, oils, and moisturizing toners will gently break down even long-wear foundation. If you just can’t live without your Clarisonic, switch to a softer brush or use every other day.

High-tech skincare gadgets

There’s a growing demand for gadgets that let you access laser and light technology at home. The Tria (which treats acne with ultrasound technology) and handheld laser hair removal devices have already hit the mainstream. Watch for more gadgets as the technology improves and the price becomes more affordable.

Beauty drinks

People are realizing that good skin is a holistic effort. You’ve got to eat right and “feed” your skin with the nutrients it needs to produce cells.  So put down the soda and iced tea — take healthy collagen and antioxidant drinks and supplements instead! Don’t forget to take in fresh fruits and vegetables. If you’re not into salads, then drink your veggies with a delicious green smoothie. Consider this as not just one of the top 2017 skincare trends, but a worthy beauty resolution to make every year!

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