2019 natural makeup trends

2019 Makeup Trends That Will Let You Spend Less Time (and Money!) on Makeup

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Good news: the 2019 makeup trends are all easy, simple, and low-maintenance. Seems everyone’s sick of contouring and fussing over matte lipstick, and going for more laid-back glam. So put away your makeup brushes and lip pencils, girls – 2019 is the year of the lazy makeup look!

Glass Gloss

This is really just a fancy way of saying high-shine lip gloss that you apply in the car. The good news is that glosses aren’t sticky anymore. The newest formulas deliver lots of shine but are practically weightless on your lips. And unlike matte lipsticks, which you have to precisely apply and allow to dry before you even dare have a cup of coffee, this 2019 lipstick trend is meant to look smudged and effortless. Just swipe on any lipstick you already have, blot it off, and then apply any lip gloss on top. Voila, you’re on trend.

Soft Contour

Highlighting and contouring will never go away, because TBH, it can create cheekbones and make us look 5 pounds thinner. But unlike the previous makeup trends, this is less about drama and more about knowing your face and where you need a little shadow. Suck on those cheeks and brush a neutral, zero-glitter contouring powder right in the sockets. Blend like a madwoman. Apply a rosy blush on your actual cheeks and blend some more. The result: three dimensional cheeks that you can totally pull off even if you’re in a rush.  

Glowy skin and dewy highlight

You’ve probably heard the term “glass skin” and the 100-step-skincare-routine it requires, but hey – there’s a way to fake it.

What it all means is that your skin glows in all the right places, mainly your upper cheekbones and inner eyes. So even if you’ve mattified the rest of your face and covered all your imperfections with Ninja-level concealer skills, a touch of radiance tells everyone that you actually were born with this kind of complexion. Yeah, it’s sneaky, but oh so easy.

All you have to do is apply a cream highlighter on your cheekbones and inner eyes. Just pick a product that isn’t too frosty, and blends really well with your fingers or a very tiny brush.

You can also instantly create a dewy effect by spritzing face mist after makeup. Not only does that make your makeup last longer, but it counteracts overpowdering.

Flushed Blush

Blush rarely gets any attention, because most makeup trends focus on eyeshadow or lipstick. But any low-key makeup look depends on blush for that essential pop of colour. If you’re blotting off most of your lipstick and leaving eyes mostly bare except for that touch of shimmer, then blush is that essential “pop” that makes your skin look healthy.

We recommend cream blush that’s applied high on the cheeks and blended well with your fingers. Pick pink or orange – both very youthful, happy shades that work beautifully with Asian skin tones.

Natural brows

Work with your natural eyebrow shape. Just fill in any gaps with eyeshadow powder, and set them with a clear mascara or brow gel. The end effect should be very natural and well-groomed, instead of an overworked arch that looks like you’re an understudy for Cats.