With 2020 fast drawing to a close, it’s time to plan your makeover for the coming new year! Plus, with the pandemic and mask-wearing in mind, we’re all about keeping things effortless and fuss-free for the new year ahead. From chic bobs to luscious ’70s layers, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite haircut trends for 2021 to inspire your fresh new do!

Top 10 haircut trends to rock in 2021

Regardless of whether you’re planning to get an ultra short pixie or a textured lob, the key to rocking a new hairdo is total and complete confidence. So now that you know the secret to wearing a new haircut gracefully, here are the top 10 haircut trends that will be stealing the show in 2021!

1. The bob is back!

Look out folks! The bob is making a total comeback this year but this time we’re keeping it blunt and choppy. Think bobs without layers and an equally straight fringe in tow. But if you’re not a fringe kind of person, you can always skip it and go for an all-over blunt bob. This straightforward take on the bob is a great way to try a shorter hairstyle with minimal maintenance. Unlike layered bobs that require daily blow-drying and styling, simply give your blunt bob a tousle with some texturising spray and you’re good to go!

2. The razor-sharp lob

Otherwise known as a long bob, the lob will also be making an appearance this year with razor-sharp asymmetrical lines at the front. The asymmetrical cut is like natural contouring for your face and gives the illusion of a slimmer and smaller face shape. Although it looks great on all face shapes, the sharp asymmetrical lob is particularly flattering on those with a square and angular jawline. To style this look on a daily basis, all you need is a round bristled brush and a hairdryer to blow the ends inwards. This helps to maintain the overall shape of the asymmetrical cut by keeping the layers flowing seamlessly in one direction.

3. Textured layers

Layers are back and so is texture! Besides keeping the hair light, layers help to lift the hair and give it an instant boost of volume. Additionally, layers are also great for creating texture and dimension to the hair. That’s why they tend to really stand out when styled with colour or curls. For a romantic look, style your textured layers by curling them away from the face. Then, immediately pull your curls apart with your fingers to keep them looking soft and effortless.

4. The K-Pop crop

Edgy yet practical, the K-Pop crop is a pixie cut with tons of layers and volume. The hair on top starts off quite long and tapers off into a short crop towards the nape of the neck. This look is amazing on smaller face shapes and goes perfectly with pastel hair colors like lavender or icy colors like platinum blonde. Styling this looks is a breeze and all you’ll need is a flat iron to lift the hair at the roots for extra height and volume.

5. The fringe effect

Start the new year with a bang, or in this case, bangs! A straight or textured fringe instantly lends a more youthful and demure look to the wearer. It also helps to give the face a smaller and more delicate appearance and is great for longer and oval face shapes. As bangs tend to splay out in different directions when you wake up, the easiest way to style them is to curl them inwards with a hair straightener. Alternatively, you can curl it towards the face with a blow dryer and a round bristled brush.

6. That ’70s show

Ah, the ’70s. An era of long silky hair and Farah Fawcett’s famous waves. Now that this look is back in trend, it’s a good time to give your long hair some soft layers to keep it looking relaxed and effortless. To create ’70s bohemian-inspired waves, part your hair down the middle and curl your front sections away from the face for the ultimate hippie chic look.

7. Beach holiday vibes

Since cross border travel is still put on hold for the time being, bring beach holidays to you with this blunt and textured lob! Texture is essential to recreating this holiday seaside look. Hence, the key is in the layers and keeping the ends choppy and effortless. To style this look, alternate curling your hair towards and away from your face. Then, spritz your hair generously with sea salt spray and scrunch up your hair to create a relaxed feel to your curls.

8. The Rockstar mullet

This look screams ’60s rocker chic and is definitely not for the faint of heart. It was Rihanna who drew attention to this look with her recent mullet do which she wore with unapologetic confidence. This look is all about layers in all the right places. Generally, the front sections are kept short and the length of it is focused towards the nape of the neck. For some ultra punk rock vibes, pair this hairstyle with some kohl eyeliner and some snazzy earrings!

9. Keepin’ it practical

If you have long hair, layers help to give volume and bounce to your hair. Besides, having long hair all at the same length can weigh the hair down and make it look flat on top. In addition, layers help the hair look amazing even when you don’t have time to style it on a day to day basis.

10. It’s all about you

Last but not least, 2021 is all about riding the individuality trend and feeling confident in your own hair! If you have naturally curly hair and are looking to spice things up, opt for a cute blunt lob. On the other hand, go for layers and highlights if you have straight hair. Or go big and go home with an Avant Garde cut and color combo!

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