Best Massages for Lower Back Pain

3 Best Massages for Lower Back Pain (find one near you!)

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Wearing heels and long hours of sitting in an office chair (basically, the life of every Singapore working woman) can really torture your back. Get quick relief with these best massages for lower back pain.

Deep Tissue Massage

There’s nothing like a deep tissue massage to relax all those muscles that have tightened up from being hunched over a laptop for nearly 50+ hours a week. Guys also like the vigorous pressure, especially after a heavy workout. In fact, this is one of the best massages for lower back pain for athletes and bodybuilders!

During a deep tissue massage, your therapist will apply pressure using his or her hands (including knuckles and thumbs), elbow and forearm. This loosens the muscle “knots” where tissue has become rigid and inflamed.

You will feel a bit of discomfort as the therapist unlocks those knots, but you can ask for lighter pressure.

Deep tissue massage is offered in most Singapore spas. (Find a deep tissue massage near me!

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage originated from Japan. The term means “finger pressure” but don’t be surprised if the therapist also uses his or her thumbs, elbows, hands or feet. It also incorporates a lot of stretching and pulling.

This massage is similar to the deep tissue massage, but is guided by the Asian belief of qi and energy points. So the pressure is applied to where your energy can be blocked, and the stretching and rotation helps the energy (and your blood) circulate freely around your body.   

By improving your circulation and energy glow, Shiatsu massages can relieve not just lower back pain but insomnia, headaches and stress. (Looking for Shiatsu massages in Singapore? Check out Beauty Insider’s directory of spas!)

Hot Stone Massage

Like shiatsu massages, the hot stone massage relieves backache and improves blood circulation. But instead of using a lot of heavy pressure and limb rotation, it applies heat.

The therapist heats big stones that are placed on different parts of your back. The heat expands your blood vessels (and feel really, really relaxing, too).

This is one of the best massages for lower back pain for people who don’t really like high-pressure massages or get easily tickled. It’s also very effective for muscle pain after exercise, arthritis, or lower back pain caused by PMS or That Time Of The Month. (Check out Beauty Insider’s list of spa that offers hot stone massages in Singapore.)