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3 Green Juices for Holiday Bloat, Dull Skin and More

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Beat holiday bloat with a juice cleanse! The cocktails and rich party food can mess up your digestive system and make you feel sluggish. These green juices can help you flush out the toxins and make you feel and look better again.

The Green Detox Drink the Whole Internet Loves

You’ll find this green detox drink on a lot of healthy juicing blogs and books. Why is it so popular? Its’ the best blend of fruits and vegetables, and all the ingredients are cheap and easy to find.

2 green apples

3 stalks celery, scrubbed clean and leaves removed

1 cucumber

8 leaves kale or lettuce  

½ lemon

1 piece ginger (adjust to taste)

Mint leaves (optional)

The Ultimate Green Juice for Dull Skin

All that salt, sugar and alcohol doesn’t just ruin your diet – it can also ruin your glow! This detox juice can help restore radiance. It’s full of vitamin C, beta carotene, and other naturally brightening nutrients.

After juicing, don’t throw out the pulp! Rub it against your face and neck for a quick natural scrub.

1 large apple, quartered

1/4 (15 ounce) can pineapple chunks

1 cucumber

2 large carrots

2 pieces fresh ginger

Yummy Tummy-calming Green Juice

If you’re having tummy issues (hangover, indigestion, nausea or just a general feeling of bloat) this works better than an alka seltzer. It will also help flush out salt that makes your skin (and eyebags) extra puffy.   

3 medium apples (or 2 large apples)

2 stalks celery, scrubbed clean and leaves removed

1 cup spinach

1 cucumber

1 piece ginger root, about 1 inch thick

1 lime, peeled