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3 Tried and Tested Skin Care Routines for Dry Skin

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Nobody has perfect skin – they just found a routine that worked for them! Beauty vloggers share their favorite skin care products for dry skin and how they applied them. Who knows, maybe they’ve found the Holy Grail product you’ve been looking for.

Toner can help save dry skin if you use it this way!

Christine Chang runs Glow Recipe, a site that distributes Korean beauty products all around the world. She has really dehydrated skin – if she doesn’t take care of it, it starts to get rough especially in the winter. She shares her favorite favorite skin care products for dry skin – and a brilliant way of applying toner!

Dry skin needs more than heavy moisturizers

“Applying really thick moisturizers won’t help really dry skin!” says Liah Yoo. It’s true: heavy creams can be hard to absorb, so they sit on top of your skin and temporarily plump it up, but they can’t really heal it from within. Liah Yoo’s skin care regimen for dry skin takes a “holistic” approach that includes diet and thin layers of effective skin care products for dry skin

This skincare regimen fights dryness and acne too!

Joan Lim has two skincare issues: dry skin and recurring acne. The two can go hand in hand, since many acne products can dry out your skin. (Plus, many heavy creams meant for dry skin can end up clogging your pores and causing breakouts.) She shares the skin care products for dry skin that don’t cause breakouts.