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4 beauty combos for a simple and natural beauty routine

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Who has time for a complicated beauty routine? Here at Chorus Supernatural, we believe it’s our job to bring out the best in your skin and your hair, so you can stop fussing in front of a mirror and focus on what matters most to you – like your job, your life, and getting more sleep. Try one of our 4 powerful beauty combos and discover the power of a simple and natural beauty routine.

Your daily dose of freshness

We like to think that our cleanser and toner don’t just remove dirt. CLEANSE and TONE are full of replenishing plant extracts that heal your skin – and your mood! So even if you’ve just got a few minutes to get ready each morning, or come home feeling that you’ve just gone through the wringer, you can wash off the dirt and the bad vibes.

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CLEANSE and TONE contain moisturizing moor and seaweed, bacteria-fighting tea tree and lemongrass, and calming lavender and ylang-ylang. All work together to restore your skin balance and enhance your skin texture. Smells like a spa, works like a dream.

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Chorus Supernatural

Your weekly beauty treat

As we grow older, cell renewal slows down, and our skin loses valuable moisture. The pile up of dead skin cells make our skin feel dry and dull, and can prevent skincare ingredients from being fully absorbed. We also need to supercharge our daily skincare routine with an extra-hydrating mask.

The best part of CHORUS SUPERNATURAL is that you can enjoy this weekly peel and mask in the comfort of your own home. Turn on the music, light a few scented candles, and treat yourself to this beauty treat.

PEEL reveals and clarifies. This exfoliating treatment contains glycolic acid, avocado and jojoba to lift dead skin cells, diminish the appearance of fine lines and scars, and loosen blackheads.

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MASK rejuvenates and repairs. This detoxifying and purifying mask that stimulates circulation and infuses skin with the rich nutrients of 100% Heilmoor peat. Squeeze the bottle, mix it into a paste, and massage into your skin. It rejuvenates, replenishes and leaves you radiant.

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Tip: do PEEL before MASK. Skincare ingredients penetrate much better after exfoliation.

Your early defense against aging

Stop thinking of aging as something about, well, age. Think of it as weakening of the skin. Environmental exposure, lifestyle factors like late nights or poor diet, and genetics can make your skin “behave” much older than it really is. Whenever your moisture barrier or your skin cells are damaged, you increase your risk for discoloration and dullness. Fine lines don’t happen overnight. Your habits and skincare routine can either contribute to a wrinkle, or keep it at bay.

BOOST is a powerful anti-aging serum full of olive oil, butters and antioxidants that quenches hidden skin “thirst” for moisture. It helps keep the skin soft, strong and resilient so it can protect itself from UV exposure and pollution.


Your secret to waking up with gorgeous hair

Break up with your blowdryer. The Chorus Supernatural Volumize haircare range is full of ingredients that make your hair stronger, healthier and naturally bouncy. It controls scalp oils (really oily hair can become limp and feel greasy) and strengthens the strands. Compare how grass waves in the wind, and how hay will just sit there. That’s the difference between soft, healthy hair and coarse, damaged hair.

So go easy on the styling tools and products, which just try to revive damaged hair, and literally go to the root of the problem. Our combination of hops, rosemary, nettle, gotu kola and Meadowfoam Seed Oil is exactly what you need to bring out the best in your hair.

Chorus Supernatural volumizing shampoos also come in refreshing scents: Rosemary Mint, Mandarin Ginger, and Lavander Chamomile. Breathe it in and tell us you don’t feel better already.

Try Chorus Supernatural yourself!

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