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5 Beauty Tips from 2017 to Carry on to 2018

Beauty and beauty product trends come and go, but timeless beauty tips remain. A brand new year is a perfect time to explore and try beauty tips you haven’t tried before, but that doesn’t mean everything you’ve ever done from the past years aren’t as great.

Here are 5 best beauty tips ever from last year that you should carry on doing this 2018!

If you haven’t done any of these in the past year, it’s time to start doing them now!


beauty tips 2018

Free radicals present in our environment and sun’s harmful UVB and UVA are no joke. They take a serious toll on our skin more than we realize. The symptoms usually come in normal forms like acne attacks, skin dullness, dryness, and formation of fine lines and wrinkles at a young age, open pores, pigmentation, blackheads, and whiteheads.

For all these reasons and more, looking out for products that are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and sun protection is important. Reversing the effects of aging is a hard battle, but delaying them as early as we can is the best chance we got to a better, healthier and more glowing skin. Arming our skin with strong barrier against pollution and sunrays can help us achieve this!


beauty tips 2018

Looking glow-y is now a thing and while there are a bunch of highlighters that can do the trick, it is never tant amount to the authenticity our skin naturally brings. Highlighters usually work well and look great at night, but during the daytime, it is easy to spot how these highlighters are just made up things on our faces.

Using facial oils to prep and prime your skin before applying makeup is a trick of a decade. Not only do facial oils provide skin care benefits, they also help makeup to be blended easily and evenly.


beauty tips 2018

Sure, applying on makeup takes time- rightfully so, our faces are our own canvasses after all. However, investing time in putting on makeup should not be our only focus.

If you are spending 30 minutes an hour putting on your makeup, you should take that and double it when doing your skincare routine.

Taking time to clean your face will always do better than bad. Making sure there is zero residues of makeup and dirt before you hit the sack will allow your skin to breathe, heal and release whatever it has to when you take a rest. It will make you look 10 times younger too, trust us!


beauty tips 2018

Watching out what you put into your mouth and body has always been a classic beauty tip. It is classic because it is true and many have shown great results by sticking to a healthy diet.

Minimize your intake of sugar products, dairy products, and processed food. Doing so will allow your body to produce less oil, hence, less clogged pores. No clogged pores, means little to no possibility of acne and other skin problems!


beauty tips 2018

Hair care doesn’t just revolve around shampooing and using hair conditioners daily. Knowing what kind of shampoo and conditioner works well with your hair texture and type will encourage your hair to be in its best potential. Rinse them with cold water to seal in shampoo nutrients and conditioner shine effects.

Combing your hair from roots to ends will not only make your hair less frizzy, it will also benefit your scalp.

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