Teeth Whitening

5 Best, Easy and Safe Ways to Whitening your Teeth

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It is believed by many that a perfect smile is one of the greatest asset an individual could ever have, that is why many people are willing spend great amount of money to have it. From pastes, to infrared home kit tools, to procedures, whitening your teeth is something people are enthusiastic to get.

Many people shell out thousands of money in the pursuit of a pristine set of pearly whites. What most do not know is, there are actually other more affordable ways to achieving teeth whitening that you can easily do in the comforts of your home!

Watch what you eat

Did you know that aging also brings about yellow teeth? Leaning on foods that are rich in anti-oxidants is one way to whitening your teeth. Foods and drinks like coffee, wine, black tea, colas and colored sodas, dark sauces and even some fruits like blueberries. These foods stick to tooth enamel more than the others. Try to lessen intake of these foods as much as you can.

Munch on Strawberries

While blueberries may cause teeth discoloration, strawberries on the other hand offer an opposite effect. Did you know strawberries are high in folate? Folate, if you must know, naturally helps cleanse your teeth! It exfoliates them too!

Don’t brush too hard

Brushing your teeth is a good way to take care of them. However, brushing too hard may not be a good thing for you. You are not cleaning them even more by brushing hard; you are only stripping your enamel away. Hard brushing could cause receding gums. Brush your teeth frequently, but be gentle and don’t forget to give your gums few swipes too, because that’s where plaque actually accumulates.

Use charcoal

This is one of the most popular methods to home teeth whitening. It’s so easy! You can simply swing by your favorite drugstore or grocery for some charcoal! While it may seem scary and unsafe because charcoal gives off a scary black color on your mouth, it won’t stain your teeth! It does the reverse, actually! Charcoal is a stain magnet. It will help drain out imperfections and impurities from your teeth!

Cover your enamels with Vaseline

We know, we know. This sounds pretty gross, but it won’t hurt to try! Simply rub a pea size amount onto your great set of teeth before you leave the house. Doing this will help keep food and drinks stain your enamel