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5 Ways to Stay Shine-Free with these Oily Skin Hacks

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Sweating the moment you step out of the office for lunch? We feel you! The Singapore heat is certainly unforgiving to maintain that shine-free, flawless finish we all crave! Not to worry, Beauty Insider has curated this oily skin hacks to protect you from those dreaded beads of sweat!

1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate and Did We Say Exfoliate?

Exfoliating is a must! It helps rid the skin of the top most layer of dead skin cells and unhealthy product built up. It has been proven that silicon residue can be left behind even after using a makeup remover, toner and cleanser. One of the biggest reasons for oily skin over time is not washing the face regularly and throughly enough. We even recommend facials that exfoliate and get rid of all that gunk to make sure your skin is being kept its best.

Some of our favourite exfoliators include the Hysses Tea Tree Hinoki Charcoal Mask. This is the perfect calm yet exfoliating mask for acne prone skin. Another favourite, perfect for those with sensitive skin, is Essano’s Tumeric Reviving Mask. Use it two to three times a week for the desired effect. For a daily cleanse we recommend using Foreo! The perfect tool for anyone who needs a thorough cleanse in their daily skincare routine.

2. Use a Lightweight Foundation that is Oil-Free

BSKIN is a brand that prides itself on using only the purest natural ingredients. With BSKIN, you can rest assured that you know exactly what you’re applying on your skin and what results you can expect. Particularly, with oily skin, using preservatives or chemically treated products can affect the overall complexion and state of the skin.

BSKIN’s Smart Skin (SS) Cream is an effective yet simple one-step moisturiser, sunblock, foundation and make-up base. It promises a photo-filter finish as it evens out skin tone and smooths over skin texture. With SPF 50+/PA+++. BSKIN’s non-oily SS Cream protects your skin from the darkening effects of our sun, while keeping it hydrated. We love it for its ability to keep its coverage for a long time without feeling heavy on the skin.

For best usage apply a coin sized amount with your fingertips and blend for light, even coverage. We promise your oily skin will thank you for this game-changing product!

3. Setting Sprays are Your Best Friend

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Jonathan from Queer Eye serving some spray goodness

We have all seen people spritz their makeup with what is seemingly water, does it really work? The short answer is yes! Setting sprays are not the magical solution to shine-free skin, but they are the perfect oily skin hack, especially for those living in humid countries such as Singapore.

We love Urban Decay’s All-nighter Makeup Setting Spray for its durable all day glow. Another pick is Mac Cosmetics’ Prep + Prime Fix. It comes in 3 scents; rose, cucumber and coconut.

4. Stop that Blot!


Thought addictive, the debate of blotting papers goes on and on as the day is long. Many swear by it, saying it helps to control the daily perspiration levels and tout it as one of those “tried and trusted” oily skin hacks. However, many others do say they cause breakouts in the long term and there are Dermatologists who are wary of their usage. In order to end the debate once and for all here’s the honest truth:

“Oil blotting papers aren’t necessarily bad for the skin, but they can offer you a sense of false hope,” Kim Nichols, MD, of a Greenwich, Connecticut-based dermatologist explains. “The appeal of an oil-blot sheet is seeing oil reflect onto the sheet. It’s a visual that feels validating.” It doesn’t do much to solve the oily skin problem ,” says Dr. Nichols.

Our recommendation is stay off the blotting but wipe with tissues when necessary. You will not want to look all sweat beaded up but at least there is no exacerbating the problem either!

5. Make sure your Skincare Routine is Hydrating

Salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, gel based cleansers and retinol are an oily skins best friend! These power-packed ingredients help to keep skin hydrated despite the moisture loss throughout the day. It might seem counter intuitive but it is recommended to use an extremely hydrating moisturiser with oily skin. When a breakout is happening is when paring down to something that contains niacinamide or clears pores might be more ideal.

We love the the Tatcha One-Step Camelia Cleansing Oil that helps double cleanse oily skin and rids you of enlarged pores. For an all day soothing moisturiser try out The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream. For an extra shot of moisture in the night-time, we recommend The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid Serum.