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5 Best Organic Shampoos for Dry, Color-Damaged Hair

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Skip the sulphates, parabens and other damaging chemicals! These shampoos gently cleanse and strengthen your hair and even protect your hair color.

For thicker hair:  Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo

It helps fine, thin hair get more body and volume by stimulating the scalp and nourishing your hair from the follicle to the entire shaft. Contains biotin, quinoa protein, Vitamin E and glycerin. “I color my hair and have a hard time finding a product for hair loss that does not strip the color. This shampoo doesn’t, and seems to work better than the shampoo I often buy for color treated hair!” says KathyKid.

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For coarse, curly hair: Yves Rocher Nutri Repair Treatment Shampoo

This makes dry, curly hair softer and more manageable. The secret ingredient is the organic jojoba oils that nourish each strand. “I got this shampoo as a sample after buying a bunch of Yves Rocher products. I forgot all about it until I had to go on a weekend beach trip and thought it would be easier to pack a small bottle. Was totally amazed how soft my hair felt – even after swimming in salt water the whole day!” says one Amazon reviewer.

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For brightening your highlights: Christophe Robin Clarifying Shampoo with Chamomile and Cornflower

One of the best organic shampoos if you’ve gone blonde or have highlights. The chamomile and cornflower naturally and subtly brightens the color so it doesn’t look dull or brassy.  You can also use it to prep your hair for your next dye job.

“I bought it while looking to lighten up my dark, dyed hair a bit before my next color, and though it is a gradual process, I have noticed my hair looks a bit lighter after using it for a week,” says one Sephora reviewer.

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For damaged, brittle hair: PHS Hair Science Hydrate Argan Oil Shampoo

This uses the highest concentration of argan oil, plus several Korean botanical essences. It’s one of the best organic shampoos for strengthening damaged and brittle hair.  “My hair got very brittle after dying it blonde for two years. My hairstylist said if I didn’t heal my hair I might go bald early!” says Maia G. She started using this two months ago, and her hair is now stronger and softer. “It doesn’t feel like straw anymore!” She also goes in for PHS’ Miracle Oil treatments and takes hair vitamins.

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For a refreshing shower: Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo

Who doesn’t love a cool, refreshing shower? This organic shampoo leaves a wonderful tingly sensation on the scalp. It wakes you up in the morning, and relaxes you at night. And your hair feels soft and smells amaaaazing!

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