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5 Easy Holiday Nail Art Tutorials for Beginners

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Bring on the bling! You don’t need a lot of skills, complicated tools or even hand-eye coordination to pull off these easy and classy nail art tutorials. 

Polka Dots and Glitter  

Difficulty Level:  Even a child can do this

Absolutely one of the best nail art for beginners. You start with a white or black base polish, and then add a few spots (or a quick dab of glitter) and you’re good to go! 

Chevron Christmas French Manicure  

Difficulty level: Super easy  with a dotting tool

We love this easy spin on the French manicure! It looks salon-worthy, but actually all you need for this nail art tutorial are dotting tools and a pretty glitter polish.  What a cute (but classy!) way to get holiday nails!  

OPI Holiday Glitter Nail Art Tutorial

Difficulty Level: Fairly easy, if you’ve used glitter polish before. Don’t worry, though — it’s all about making stripes, and having the patience to let things dry before making another layer.

OPI created this nail art step by step tutorial that uses their gorgeous Nutcracker and the Four Realms collection (a collab with Disney).