2017 hair trends

5 hair trends that look good on everyone

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Not ready for unicorn hair? Don’t worry: the 2017 hair trends are very wearable and suit all ages, skin tones and personalities.

Balayage is still trendy

This popular hair trend — which involves painting the hair color, strand by strand — is here to stay. The reason? It’s universally flattering since hair stylists can customize the look for your facial shape. It’s easy to maintain, too! You can let it grow out before going for a touch-up.

This 2017, try the “Tiger Eye Balayage” which combines caramel and deep brown highlights. Sofia Vergara and J. Lo have been rocking this look, and the golden shades complement Asian skintones beautifully.

Color melting

Color melting involves using several tones of a single shade, so you have one seamless color from root to ends. The multi-dimensional effect can make your look thicker. For example, your stylist can use various tones of brown, or weave together black and midnight blue. Stunning!

Long, sleek hair

It’s the season for long, straight hair. (Some people call it Cher Hair.) Beyonce, the Kardashians, and Rihanna have all sported this look.

How do you wear it? Part hair in the middle, or tie it in a high pony. You can also leave it down, and tuck it neatly behind the ear.

This look is easy to achieve with a flat iron, but protect your hair from styling damage with regular hair treatments and products that protect and strengthen strands.

Hair Flip

Just flip your hair from one side to the other to get instant volume. We wish all of the 2017 hair trends were this easy to achieve!


Basically, brown mixed with blonde. We love how it flatters most skin tones and can make your hair look thicker (especially if you dye your roots a darker color). And don’t confuse this with the ombres of the past. These don’t have severe demarcation lines, and there’s a lot of depth and dimension as it becomes lighter at the bottom.