5 Healthy Hair Habits to Adopt Today!

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1 in 10 women in Singapore suffer from thinning hair. Bad hair health can affect anyone at anytime in their lives. The trick to maintaining that healthy mane of hair is to keep a religious haircare routine that not just protects hair, but promotes growth. Beauty Insider has your back (or hair!) with the best hair habits to adopt for healthy hair!

Getting Regular Haircuts


Getting a regular hair cut is a sure fire way to encourage hair growth. Trimming your hair, especially the ends, encourages growth by getting rid of damaged hair. Though it might seem counter intuitive, getting a trim every 3 months can really kick start hair growth. Getting a regular trim can lessen problems such as split ends, brittle hair and slow hair growth.

A Daily Head Massage


Blood circulation is vital to promoting hair growth. A massage is one of the more fuss free hair habits to adopt. As with skin, hair also requires a regular dosage of fresh oxygen to flow through the blood. This oxygen stimulates pores to generate growth resulting in luscious locks of hair! So, indulge yourself in a good head massage and watch those hair foliciles grow!

Musti-Tasking Hair Range

Often the main root of your problems can be traced back to a poor hair care routine. If you think about it, you wash your hair once, maybe twice a day. Using harsh chemicals in your shampoo or a hair care range that does not truly fit your problems can be damaging in the long run. Especially for those reliant on colour preserving shampoos, ensure that there is no added hair dye in that shampoo.

The BioRoyale’s Fall + Regrowth Full Set contains everything you need to keep your hair healthy and protected from harmful pollutants in the air. Each ingredient is carefully catered to treat hair no matter the condition. This full system hair care treatment set is suitable for all hair types, and can be used by both women and men. It recently won in our Beauty Awards as the Best Treatment Set in our Hair Transformers Category.

The Treatment

  • Fall + Regrowth Shampoo : Free from sulphates, parabens and harsh chemicals, this bestseller is a must-have for reducing hair fall.
  • Fall + Regrowth Conditioner : Rich in vitamin E, BioRoyale’s Fall + Regrowth Conditioner helps to keep your locks healthy and moisturized, preventing breakage
  • Fall+ Regrowth After Shower Serum : A best-seller, this magic serum helps to clear out hair follicles, accelerating new hair growth and instantly improving hair texture. Formulated with ginseng, green tea, and arnica extract, you can feel it start to work with just a few drops a day.
  • Fall + Regrowth Overnight Oil : Rich in vitamins A, D, E & K, the Fall + Regrowth Overnight Oil energizes the scalp while you sleep, providing essential nutrients that restore moisture, improves blood circulation and speeds up growth.

These four products are suitable for all hair types and all hair concerns. The entire set contains 22 active ingredients specially formulated to help you grow strong, healthy hair. This hair care range does not contain Sulphates or Parabens. Improvements can be seen in 1-2 weeks. This hair care range not just improves hair growth it also makes existing hair stronger with various natural oils such as grape seed and almond.

Do Not Forget about your Scalp!

Thinning hair will lead to more scalp exposure to the outside environment. These harmful pollutants can stay in the scalp and affect pores where hair grows from. Clogged pores can lead to unhealthy growth where hair grows out brittle or easily damaged. The key to healthy hair growth starts from the foundation; the scalp!

Brushing Hair Daily


Much like dry brushing or exfoliating, brushing your hair is one of the great hair habits. It stimulates growth by getting rid of hair that is ready to fall or of poor health. Always make sure that you are brushing with a natural bristle brush as this minimises friction and thus hair fall. For the curly haired girls, fret not, brushing your scalp is the most beneficial part of the process. It will help you loosen tangles and keep hair sleek and tangle-free.