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5 Iconic Red Lipsticks That Look Good on Everyone

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Hundreds of new lipsticks are launched every year, but there are a few that everyone loves and uses down to the last bit. These are the best red lipsticks ever — universally flattering, perfect formula, and never go out of style.

MAC Ruby Woo

Years after it was launched, this is still the # 1 selling lipstick in the U.S.  It’s a very intense matte red with blue undertones (which also means it makes your teeth look whiter).  “It’s an essential red that’s chic, matte, sophisticated, playful, and timeless. It looks amazing on every skin tone and every age,” says Gregory Arlt, director of makeup artistry for MAC.

Just a tip: it’s a bit drier than most mattes, so do a lip scrub right before so it goes on better. Apply with a lip brush and go slow – it’s incredibly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. Every girl should own a tube: it’s one of the best red lipsticks for parties and special events.

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Clinique Black Honey

Though this shade was launched in the 70s, it’s still a bestseller. Don’t be scared by how purple it looks on the tube – it goes on very sheer and subtle, and so moisturizing. It’s like a very pigmented lip balm, and perfect for everyday wear or for people who don’t really like heavy lipsticks. Wear just one or two coats for a natural look, or build it up to get a deep and sexy red.

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Revlon Fire and Ice

This is a bright coral red that is young, fresh and fun. Revlon released it in the 1950s, but it’s still one of their bestselling colors every year. It feels peppy, summery, and the perfect red to wear with jeans or a casual dress. The cream lipstick feels amazing on the lips, and you can swipe it on without a mirror. Definitely one of the best red lipsticks for busy girls!

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Nars Dragon Girl

This intense red comes in a pencil for super easy application. While it has a matte finish, it feels really creamy. You can blot it off to give your lips a nice and subtle tint, or layer it on for a full, high-impact red lip. This is one of the best deep red lipsticks if you’re in a rush.

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Maybelline Red Revival

A lot of people think this is a drugstore dupe for some of the more expensive red lipsticks. It’s a deep red with a blue undertone. It goes on creamy, and won’t dry out your lips. But you do need to apply lip liner and blot well so it doesn’t smudge  – the rich pigments can be quite a mess if you don’t put it on carefully. But once it’s on, it stays on!

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