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5 Makeup Looks Guys Find It Unattractive

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Makeup is a big part of women’s lives. Although most women who are into makeup unintentionally overdo a little. Men don’t want to go in for a kiss and come out looking like they just joined the circus. Most men prefer minimal makeup because to most of them, it’s sexier.

While selfies are great with proper angle and filters used, guys can easily get attracted to what they are seeing online. But how do we check if our photos are as great as they us in person?  Let’s check what makeup looks this 2018 will turn off the guys you may want to impress.

Super Dark Eyeshadow

makeup looks, makeup looks 2018, minimal makeup

Often coined as “panda eyes”, many guys consider smokey eyes dreadful, rather than attractive, especially, if it’s done unprofessionally. A little bit of depth in the eyes will do, but nothing too dark.

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Heavy Foundation

Keep it natural. Foundation is created to hide fine lines, blemishes, and little flaws. It enhances your skin’s complexion and radiance. Thoroughly blend it with your skin and don’t forget to match it with your neck. And yes, even though men are not as good as you are in applying your makeup, they notice that your face and neck simply don’t match, this can give an illusion that you are wearing a mask. If your perfect skin consists of too much makeup applied, then how many men were already confused?

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Bold but Weird Lipstick Color

makeup looks, makeup looks 2018, minimal makeup

While it’s acceptable to wear your avant-garde plumps if you’re a model heading to a runway show or a photo shoot, this isn’t cute when you’re trying to impress a man. Men love doing things to women’s mouths, but painting your mouth in bold hues like purple, blue or even black reminds men that your mouth can do other things, like telling them to go away.

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Clump-up Lashes

makeup looks, makeup looks 2018, minimal makeup

Avoid overloading your eyelashes with mascara, it can look like your lashes can crawl, which can repel guys, rather than attract them. It clumps and does not make your eyes look sexy and tempting at all. Use mascara of good quality. Experiment with several brands and pick the best one for you, something that does not smudge under your eyes or rub off after a couple of hours. Finally, use a special brush to comb your lashes out and remove the clumps.

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Too Much Glitter and Shimmering

makeup looks, makeup looks 2018, minimal makeup

While we see ourselves as a sun-kissed goddess, guys perception can be slightly different.

It’s strange why men don’t like things that we, girls, adore? Probably, it’s because they have a different kind of perception: we, girls, pay more attention to details and guys see things as the whole and complete image. So try to keep your makeup minimal to bring out a more realistic, natural beauty that you have. Now, being aware of what turns guys off and knowing how to apply makeup the right way, you can fearlessly get ready for your first date with your gentleman, knowing that you will, surely, conquer his heart.

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