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5 Micellar Water Hacks That Make Life So Much Easier

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By now, you’ve heard all the benefits of micellar water. It’s an awesome makeup remover: gentle, effective even for longwear foundation and budgeproof eyeliner, and doesn’t make your skin feel sticky.  

But if you’re just pouring micellar water into a cotton pad for a quick swipe at the sink, then you’re missing out! Here are some brilliant ways to use micellar water in your skincare routine.

Make DIY Cleansing Pads

Save that empty moisturizer jar! Fill it with round cleansing pads and pour micellar water. Voila: a cheap, easy way to clean and refresh your face anywhere, and anytime!

“This is so much cheaper and eco-friendly than buying makeup cleansing wipes, and at least I know I’m using a cleanser that works for my skin,” says Chiara. She gets buys cleansing pads in bulk at Miniso and other budget stores, then adds her go-to micellar water, BioDerma. She keeps a small jar in her office drawer so she can clean her face before going to the gym.

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Use it for the 7-Skin Method

The viral 7-Skin Method involves patting seven layers of toner into your skin. It can improve hydration and is especially helpful if your skin is dry, sunburned or looking extra dull because of   late nights or a lot of stress.

Most micellar waters are perfect for this because they’re formulated to cleanse pores, hydrate and even restore PH balance. Even just patting three layers of micellar water after you cleanse can plump up your skin – and you didn’t even need to buy a special product!

Turn it into a cleansing and refreshing face mist

Does your face feel extra oily and grimy in the middle of the day? Refresh it with a quick spritz of micellar water. Just pour some of it into a small spray bottle and keep in your bag. You can even refrigerate it for an extra cooling effect.

cleaning up makeup mistakes

Clean up makeup mistakes

Smudged your mascara? Went overboard with your eyeliner? Smudged your red lipstick? No fear – micellar water is here! Dip a cotton bud into your fave bottle and quickly clean up makeup mishaps. And since micellar water dries up a lot faster than cleansing oils, you can go right back with your brush to reapply makeup.

Cynthia actually stores micellar water in an old contact lens case for these beauty emergencies. It fits into her makeup bag and doesn’t leak.

Quickly clean makeup brushes

Micellar water can’t replace makeup brush cleaner or shampoo, but it can help you quickly get rid of gunk off your lip brush, mascara wand, or eyeliner brush. It dissolves the dry bits and any pigments that can make colours look muddy.

Eyeliner brushes are particular prone to getting stiff and clumpy. “I just pour a little micellar water into a cotton ball and wipe it down so I can get a smooth line,” says Sarah.