Behind every breath-taking beauty we see on the red carpet and wedding aisles, there is an exceptional makeup artist who can turn anyone into a celebrity. It’s safe to say that most of these celebrities and famous people wouldn’t have the glow and beauty they are admired for if it weren’t for the iconic makeup artists behind the curtains. There is no wonder why they get so much attention and followers too. Let’s try to check who are involved in those gorgeous skin and beauty we see and drool over.

Cynthia Oh

Cynthia has pleased clients with her attention to detail and making them look their best on their big day. She is a makeup artist with many years of experience and her portfolio speaks for itself. She is very particular about making the brides look radiant and curates her looks to fit their dress as such. Working on numerous projects has led her to be highly versatile in makeup looks. From themed to one-off looks, she possesses the skill to do it all.

Amy Chan

Currently based in Australia, Amy’s service can help you create the ultimate unforgettable experience in the comfort of your own home. She aces countless features in Australia’s leading bridal magazines as well as popular bridal blogs. 

Angel Chua Lay Keng

She offers prompt, efficient and cost-effective makeup services. Her forte focuses on the most important elements of your look, such as beautifully natural-looking skin, softly groomed brows and feathery lashes and does her utmost best to accentuate these features. As a knowledgeable, detail-oriented professional who has handled many satisfied clients, including celebrities and famous personalities, she specializes in brow shaping and also offers makeup application for weddings, photo shoots, corporate events and other special occasions.

Joanne Liu

Born in Taiwan but currently based in London, Se-chun or Joanne is trained as a professional makeup artist and Hairstylist at London College Fashion and Lynn Beauty school in Taiwan. She understands how important to find a makeup artist in London who understands oriental features, skin tone, hair textures that’s why she specializes in Chinese bridal makeup and hair.

Francesca Tanmizi

Tanmizi runs an Instagram called Working With Monolids, where she posts daily makeup tutorials for nearly 20,000 fans. She started the blog as a way to review products and show girls how to do makeup for different eye shapes. She says the name of her blog started as a joke because she always lamented over how hard it is to work with monolids, but now she sees it as celebratory.